Monday, May 21, 2012

Half Marathon Recap!

Sunday morning I woke up at quarter past 5- it was race day. My usual race routine/ running routine includes a mandatory cup of tea and something to eat, but I need at least an hour to digest/ wake up the system, so I go up early and lounged downstairs for an hour or so before changing up and taking off.

The race was only about 20 minutes away in Pawtucket, RI. So we left our house around 6:35 to head to the start.

Still not really awake!

Here we go!

I didn't want to get out of the car until after 7:00 ( 8 was the start), so I killed time on my phone-- love the iphone! :)

Then it was time to walk to the start, only about .25 miles away, I was definitely in my yawning pre-race mode, which I thought was a good sign. (I usually run well if I yawn a lot before the race!)

While waiting to start I stretched, used the bathroom, and did some very light jogging. I really wasn't in the mood to go crazy and do a warm up, so I just shook my legs out a bit to loosen them. I figured I would use the first mile as my official warming up; plus the temps were already mid to uppers 60s so I didn't think my legs were too tight.


And then it was time to say goodbye to JAB- he was my Sherpa for the day! :)
#96 yeahhhhh

It was a huge field-- under 1,000 for the half, there was also a youth 1K and 5k followed the half marathon.

Can you spot me and my hot pink socks?

We did a short loop, then it was an long out and back for the course.

I have to say that going into this race I really wasn't trying to PR. My PR is 1:29 and change, and I knew I didn't do the speed work necessary to break that time. Instead, today's goal was to finish. This was my first half in 2 years since developing tendonitis in my knees and dealing with that. I really just wanted to run one last longer race before getting married this summer. I know that as the months progress I will have more wedding things to do, so I wanted to have one last race to focus on and this was it.

I didn't set my expectations high- goal was 1:37-1:38ish. I figured I could have 7:30 pace, but wanted to stay consistent. Thanks to my garmin, I was able to watch my time and kept it steady. I tried not to look at it at first and then settle into whatever pace felt right. Turns out low 7's were the pace. My splits were: 6:51, 7:09, 7:06, 7:07, 7:14, 7:22, 7:10, 7:03, 7:18, 7:24, 7:18, 7:03, 6:59. I had fun out there too, there wasn't a super competitive field, but there were several women that I was legit racing with. I was around the 6th female about 6 miles into the race, but by mile 10 I was neck and neck battling for #2 woman. I totally felt like I was in high school again. This girl didn't want me to pass her and kept cutting me off. So I thought fine, I'll just draft off her until I see she's tired... I did and never went back to third place.

Approaching 11.5 miles I was pumped. We had left the bike path and were back in the city. I knew I was going to finish ( my first goal). I knew I was going to be faster than my target time of 1:37, and I knew I should be able to finish #2 female--- better than I anticipated!! (I couldn't see #1 woman at all, so she was a couple minutes ahead.)

JAB was waiting just before mile 13, so he spotted me coming through my final mile...

Don't you love the knee straps? They may not look attractive, but they've really saved me these past 2 years!
Compression socks are also my new bff.

I proceeded through to the finish, relishing the moment and trying to take it all in. I am pretty sure I will be riding this runner's high for a couple of days! (which is a good thing because I probably won't run for a couple days!)

I finished in 1:34 and was pumped. An awesome morning and my future husband was there to be my #1 fan and supporter.

Bonus-- plaque and a gift card to the local running store!! :)

We watched runners finish, I did a little jog, and then stretched in the shade. It was truly a great morning! It also was great too because we were home by 10:30. I love races that are local!

Jogging it out/ hoping this will help with recovery!

Watching the finish in the shade

The bling.

The future Mr. and Mrs. JAB! Thanks for being there for me today! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blackstone Valley Half Marathon

Spoiler alert!! I got second place female overall today!!

Time was 1:34-- not a PR, but I wasn't trying for one today, just wanted to have fun!!

Full post and pics to come... For now I am wiped out, but very content! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

in one week

In one week I will have completed the half marathon! I have raced this event many times, but not in over a year, so I'm looking forward to it/ slightly nervous?

Let's hope I feel and look like this next Sunday! (This is me after my last long run for the training cycle-- 10.4 miles in 77 minutes :)

Aside from getting ready for next Sunday, the rest of the week didn't have too much excitement, but we definitely kept busy!

Workout wrap up:
Wednesday-- elliptical 80 minutes, core
Thursday-- run 8.3 mi, 62 minutes
Friday-- off!!
Saturday-- run 10.4 mi, 77 minutes
Sunday-- bike 2 hours

Other stuff going on in the RI

This weekend was gorgeous!!! Yesterday's run was somewhat cloudy, yet I still managed to get a little bit of sun. In the am we went to the airport-- future in-laws are on their way to Hawaii to celebrate their 40th anniversary! In the afternoon we went to visit my mom since we wouldn't see her on Mother's Day. After that was a meeting with the DJ, and then back to RI for homemade pizza!!! (becoming a weekly tradition I think, so delicious!) We finished the evening with a trip to Kohl's where we began our honeymoon shopping! (And saved $161?)

Today was another beautiful day with temps near 80!! I am still in shorts and love it! After riding with JAB this am we had a lot of household stuff to do-- cleaning, yard work-- I mowed the grass (some cross training?), and laundry. Another shopping trip followed, this time to Target, Home Depot and Ocean State Job Lot where we found a new rug for our living room for just under $40, score!!

This evening is the Survivor finale, so we have a couple hours to watch-- we'll probably DVR the after show and watch it tomorrow or Tuesday, so hopefully we don't have the winner spoiled for us if we don't find out tonight!

I've wanted Sabrina to win since the second episode, so my vote is with her, but I have to give props to Kim for truly playing the game well. We'll see who is the sole survivor!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick Tuesday with 1 good delivery

Today seemed to go by quickly, so here's a quick post of yesterday and today's happenings.

Monday-- I was in classrooms all day, both first grade and kindergarten.
Monday workout-- 80 minutes on the elliptical, core work, stretch.
Monday evening-- 1 hour 2 Broke Girls Finale.

Tuesday-- Another busy day at school-- am was teaching Kindergarten, pm was calling local places to set up our "Read Around the Town" summer program for K-4. My job can be fun with all the different things I get to do! How many reading teachers can visit a fire station and creamery over the summer?
Tuesday workout-- run. I was thrilled the rain held off, but bummed the wind didn't. My legs are tired after 7.6 miles in 56:45--- 7:29 average pace. For the effort it should have been faster, but the wind really bogged me down.
Tuesday evening-- catching up with work, paying bills, foam rolling and icing, and tv with JAB.

AND the good delivery? Remember those shoes that were sent to me in the wrong size? Good news, my correct size came in!
Of course in the interim I had already bought others, so now I just have my running shoes sitting in the closet for the end of July/ beginning of August. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Long run conquered and recovery ride

Well I wrote an entire post while biking this morning and my computer deleted it, so this weekend is going to be done in bullet style.

Friday- school, grocery shopping, errands--- bought new running shoes since my others have yet to come in and wedding gifts for the little boys too, score!

Saturday-- Long run day!! 12.6 miles in 1:38. Big run for me, good for my confidence. Also happy I ran in new shoes, I don't think my old ones would have held up for this run.
-Meet with wedding coordinator-- things are looking good and feeling real!
-Picked up wedding shoes
- Homemade pizza,yum!!

Sunday-- 2 hour bike ride
- Early brunch with my future in-laws- took them to Julian's in Providence
- Drove the Half course in Pawtucket with JAB--- a lot of it will be run on the bike path, which looks peaceful
- House chores
- Dinner
- Work time
- Amazing Race season finale---> up next on the agenda!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Half Size Error

Happy Thursday! Why happy? Because it's almost Friday!!!

Let's rewind to yesterday first.

Yesterday was Wednesday, yes I know my days of the week. Nothing too eventful yesterday, aside from me spilling my lunch on my lap and having to use a tide to go pen to try to clean up. Good thing I work with 5 and 6 year olds who don't really notice dirty pants.

After work it was a gym day. Although I wore my favorite shirt--
I was basically being hypocritical, because I did not run, I went on the elliptical for 80 minutes, still a good work out.

Last night was a survivor night and Kat was voted off. It was definitely ironic that she went on preaching about how great blindsides are and then got blindsided herself.

That brings us to today- Thursday!

Long meetings at work today, although productive, as I think we're heading in the direction. However, the weather still had me dragging. I was really hoping for an outdoor run today, but when the skies opened up again while driving home I figured it just wasn't in the cards... to the gym again I went!

Today I ran! I told myself I'd do 6 or 7, but then was in somewhat of a groove and feeling good, so I went to 7.75 in about 58 minutes. I cooled down with another quarter mile, just to get to eight for the day. A SWEATY EIGHT!!
Note to self-- Don't wear these earrings again when you're planning on running. They will bounce and hit your head and ears a lot and drive you crazy, even though you already are pretty crazy.

I was semi-pumped to be done the run and excited to go home, knowing my new running shoes would be waiting for me!!

Do you ever get really excited for something and then realize that what you see in front of you wasn't what you were expecting? Major bummer.

Ok, so I have a half marathon in 17 days and need new running shoes. I thought today would be the day that I would get these bad boys in my possession...
Well technically they are in my possession, but in the wrong size!!! I ordered a 7.5. The box says 7.5. The receipt says 7.5... but the sneakers say 7! GRRRRRR!!!! I really don't get angry about things, I mean in reality this was stupid. But it really ticked me off, so I threw the shoe on the floor. Yes, Julie that will solve the problem. I proceeded to sulk for 30 seconds while JAB tried to calm me down. Then I called dicks sporting goods online to fix the problem... *hopefully* the correct shoes will be sent out tomorrow, which means I should have them early next week? I am hoping that gives me enough time to break them in before May 20th. (I also hope my current shoes will get me through my long run this weekend!)

Although that little episode didn't make me super happy, I am happy to say that I put it behind me and had a nice dinner with the fiance. Now I get to be happy again and relax with him in a bit... and be happy because tomorrow is Friday, Friday, Friday! (cue Justin Bieber)... and with Friday means a day off from working out. I think my body is ready for that and the weekend!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Remember When?

Next week is Teacher Appreciation week, so the PTA is doing a little something something for all of the faculty! To get ready for this we have to submit some baby photos, so my mom sent me these babies!

Remember when I was the only child and my uncle (photographer) would do photo shoots of me?

Remember when I was the cute little cousin and my other cousins adored me!?

Remember when I loved chips and would bite your head off if you tried to take it from me!? hahaha

I think I will be selecting the first picture to submit for the school to see!

Remember when I said I would do a positive Monday post weekly and already didn't do it?! fail. oops.

So yeah, yesterday, I was positive about some things... it was sunny and made me happy! I was happy to get 80 minutes on the elliptical. I was happy to have a nice chat on the phone with my mom, and I was super pumped for the tv line up last night-- new How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, and Mike and Molly <------we dvr-ed this last one and will be watching it tonight!! Today I was not in as a good of a mood as yesterday--- blame it on the rain. I really just feel like I am in a funk when it's cold, wet, and dreary out, but I tried to think about tomorrow, when the sun will return! I had a fun afternoon today, part of my job is visiting classrooms and this afternoon I was in a PreK room. I really love it there, although at times it makes me wish that I still was a classroom teacher! I was undecided about today's run leaving school. The weather channel said 20% chance of rain in RI and as I was driving home, this seemed to be 100% rain, so I drove to the gym to run. I haven't done this in FOREVER! I used to be able to run on the 'mill all of the time, now that I am used to running outside I really don't like feeling like a rat on that thing! But I did it and feel good about it too!

Ran for an hour, done.

Of course I haven't run inside in a while and I forgot how sweaty I get if I run at the gym. There definitely isn't the good air like I get when I am running outside. Post run I can proudly say I was a sweaty beast. Nothing that a nice shower can't fix!

Now that I am clean it's time to get ready for another day tomorrow-- middle of the week, it's hump day!