Saturday, August 30, 2008

early thirty

So last night I was home visiting and my aunt and uncle and cousins stopped by.  After talking to them my uncle invited me to join them on their bike ride this morning... the only stipulation was that they were leaving at 6:15 to go on the ride.  My aunt had to watch her niece at 8:15, so we had to get the ride in before then.  I accepted the offer and was excited to get a good workout done early in the day, although my body wasn't too thrilled about my decision come 5:15 this morning when my alarm went off.  Regardless, I jumped up out of bed, had a cup of tea, got changed and drove to auburn to pickup my bike.  I rode over to their house and was ready to go at 6:15.  They were running a little late, so it gave me 15 more minutes to wake up.  

We had an awesome ride... just over 2 hours, about 30 miles.  My aunt was riding to hopkinton to watch her niece, so my uncle and i rode out with her just over the half way mark and then rode back.  We started in auburn, then proceeded through millbury, sutton, and grafton, coming just short of upton.  Some of the roads were a little hilly- old common road can be a little tricky when you have pedaled 25 miles already, but i enjoy riding up hills, so it was challenging, but fun.

The only thing not great about the ride is that now it is noon time and i am ready for a nap. I am hoping that some lunch we rejuvenate me, or at least give me a little kick of energy so I can go do some errands.  I had an ems gift card from one of my students from last school year that i want to use.  I am still using my nalgene bottle and want to go there to replace it with an aluminum bottle so I am not drinking in any toxins while I chug my water daily.   While out shopping I may stop at Dick's too, Caitlyn recommends that I get a stability ball to help with preventing any future injuries... it sounds like a good idea, so I want to investigate and possibly buy one of them.

Oh one more thing that I wanted to write.  At the gym there are random quotes posted on the walls and one of them caught my eye, "Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going."  I see it so many times there and I think about it more and more.  The more you want to make something happen, the more you realize you just have to do it.  When you do something frequently enough and make it a part of your normal routine, then it becomes just that, a routine, something expected to happen.  As the school year begins again I hope my routine continues to go well.

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