Thursday, August 28, 2008

wild turkeys

So it's been two weeks... my goal was to write daily, I have a plethora of excuses as to why I haven't, but that's all they are excuses and I don't like excuses, there's no excuse, if you want to do something, you do it. Plain and simple.

I woke up in my new place this morning to something I've never woken up to before... wild turkeys outside my window. At first glance I saw four of them, then after putting on my glasses, I realized there are actually six. I am definitely not living in the country now, in fact I moved from a town to a city; however, the land behind me isn't inhabited, by people at least, so I do have some new wild life neighbors. Last week while driving off somewhere I had to stop and let two deer cross the road that leads into the complex. It's kind of cool to be living in a city (not a huge city, but technically a city nonetheless) and still have some neat stuff in nature.

Back to what's been going on in the past two weeks... first things first, and most important... my brother was FINALLY discharged from boston medical center after way too long of a stay there this summer. He had two surgeries last week, having his gall bladder out in order to cure the pancreatits, and then had the reversal surgery done from his initial surgery in january in order to remove the ostemy bag and reattach his small intestine. The surgery went well, although he hadn't eaten for like 3 weeks and when they reintroduced food to him a short time later he threw it allllll up, setting him back a little and definitely not helping regain his strength. He was down to 98 lbs when the doctors realized that this guy need nourishment, the ivs aren't enough. A whole nutrition team was sent in hours later and it was pretty amazing what they do. Based on his numbers in his blood they put together a whole bag of nutrition for him to go through the TPN line. He had a 39 cm tube that was put in through his arm and would deposit the "food" just about his heart. It changed daily what he received... they could determine how much potassium, calcium, etc. he needed and would make a daily batch especially for him. It was great because after a day or so on this he was able to eat again and then was finally getting the couple thousand calories he needed to actually have some strength. So now he's at home, just resting and trying to regain that strength still. I sincerely hope that that was the end of his hospital stays and he can now get on with his life that has been put on hold for two years since graduating from college.

School starts next week. No I am not a student, I am a teacher and yes teachers, like students also don't look forward to the end of summer. Don't get me wrong, I love my students dearly; however, they're just something about summer ( even though I teach summer school) that is so nice. It's great for example that right now I am still sitting in my pajamas at 8:30 in the morning. Next week at this time I will have already been up for a couple hours, showered, changed, and will probably be teaching a Fundations lesson. Even though I am technically not "back to school" I've been going back there everyday this week, just to get my room ready. It's gross how much dust accumulates over the summer and how long it takes to reorganize things that in June I just decided to throw in a bin and deal with in August... well yeah that's what I'm dealing with now.

After school I will be going to the gym to hopefully run on the treadmill. I got new running shoes yesterday. I was running in the Asics 2130 model; however, I ran in two pair of them and seemed to have not had the best of experiences with them. While some people have said it's probably not the shoes, I definitely can be mental at times and decided to go back to my old faithful brand of nikes. In high school I ran in the triax, then went to air max triax of different sorts, and even ran in a pair of shox in college. My trusty shoe adviser told me to go for the air triax structure... I overpronate so this shoe has the support I need, not as much as the asics, but they are comfortable and I'm hoping that a new shoe will alleviate the shin splint/ knee painish thing that has surfaced over the past week and a half or so.

Tonight is also a big brother night. I am the oldest in my family, my brother is younger, but I am talking about the television show. I am not a huge tv junkie; however, my sister and I get hooked on some bad "reality" shows. So tonight will be a big brother viewing, which I am sadly excited for. Part of it though is that it's nice to be able to spend time with her and because she's not working tomorrow, she may spend the night here. Well I should actually start the day that I began writing about now... hopefully I can keep up with the blogging from now on. No excuses.

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