Sunday, September 7, 2008

it's a beautiful day

So once again a couple of days have gone by without posting, but I'm back to teaching full time now, so life gets busy. Anyways, after my first day of school, I had two more successful days before the weekend came. And by successful, I mean that I was able to get through the days and manage to wake up the next day and do it all over again. I love teaching, but after working only half days during our summer program I forget how tiring it is to be in front of 19 7 or 8 year olds from 8-3. It may not sound like a long day, but then throw in an hour or two of planning and correcting and it lengthens up a bit. Still I had a good first half week of school. I think it should be a good year, although it's amazing how young they still seem. By the end of the year they grow so much, then to start all over again with a new group it's just a shocker to remember where we begin again every September.

I really should have started a book five years ago when I began teaching, because it's totally true that kids say the darndest things, they are too funny. On Friday I was reading a Scholastic News article with my kids and it was talking about the recent hurricanes that have been hitting the US. We started talking about the direction that the hurricanes were moving and so I drew a compass on the board and showed the kids how to remember which way is which.... I made the arrows with the "N, E, S, W" in their positions and then told them. Always remember "Never Eat Soggy Waffles...or if they prefer Never Eat Shredded Wheat." Well doesn't one of my kids say "Actually, I kind of like soggy waffles, but my mom told me don't eat soggy bread." Clearly I wasn't really getting through to some of them with my way of remembering cardinal directions, but it gave the aide that was in the room and myself a good laugh, so I clarified what I was talking about and then moved on.

I was so happy when Friday night came, all I wanted to do was put my feet up and relax, so I did, it was wonderful. Yesterday I went to the gym in Auburn, then stopped off at the rents to pick up some paper goods, did some errands and returned here to shower and head to church. Since I am no longer living close to St. Joe's, I have been going to Christ the King and have to say I like it better. The church is very welcoming and is beautiful, yet simple. I love the stained glass and in the afternoons the light has shone through it very nicely. Aside from the fact that it was rainy when I got out, I enjoyed mass, then headed to the store to buy some cream for today. I actually vacuumed here for the first time (I really am not a slob, I just haven't found the need to vacuum yet) and tidied up a bit, knowing a big part of the fam were coming this morning.

I got up early this am, well 7:30 is early for the weekend, and went to the jcc to run on the treadmill. I had a goal of 7 miles and met it... in a time of 53:30, which is respectable, at least for me right now. The key for me is to not get injured and stay in decent shape, I am not totally heart broken if I am running mid 7 min mile pace, yet I am not gonna lie, I would like to try to be faster, but I am content with where I am at/ headed. I came back and showered, really quickly, because my Nana was meeting me here at 9:45 to start the big coffee pot. I had my first "party" well pretty low key party, it was actually a brunch which is pretty easy to host, but it was still a good time. I invited the local Collins side relatives over, so there was about 25 people here for some donuts, coffee, and many baked goods...banana bread, pumpkin muffins, poppyseed cake, irish bread... could be forgetting some things, oh yeah, awesome fruit salad, juice, etc.... such a good brunch and it was great to see my fam and have them in my place!

Now it's back to the life of a teacher... time to correct summer reading book reports and plan some readers' workshop lessons for the week. Also at some point I am actually excited to go do a few errands and enjoy the sunshine. :)

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