Sunday, September 28, 2008

wake me up when september ends

Ok so seriously, I once again have been slacking off with regards to writing in here. I swear, I totally have intentions of updating, but then life seems to get in the way, either that or I just end up laying down because I am exhausted from long days of teaching and working out. Once again though, I can't complain. I love teaching, love running, love working out, love my apartment. I love the fact that I will be meeting with some program heads on Wed, so I can see if Worcester State's CAGS program in Reading is something to consider starting up in order to become a Reading Specialist. If not, then I am going to continue looking at BU and BC and get my apps going for there. Commuting to and from boston wouldn't be the easiest thing to do on a regular basis; however, if it's something I want to do I know I can make it work... WSC though is definitely more convenient for location.
So September ends this week, seems crazy, almost October, my students are already starting to talk about Halloween... which is on a Friday this year, so happy about that, I won't have to deal with the aftermath of exhausted trick or treaters who are on a sugar high and bring a pound of chocolate and skittles for snack the next day. Halloween on Friday just makes my life a whole lot easier.
Today has been such a good day so far. Usually rainy days make me feel lethargic, sit around, lay around, watch tv, and just kind of succumb to the assumed laziness that goes along with a rainy day. (although I'm looking outside right now and it's not raining any more? weird) Anyways, it was raining this morning; however, before breakfast I got working for a little bit on some school work, had breakfast, threw in a load of laundry and got back to working again. We have a login now from home so I can access our district's server, which means I can access any files and programs on my computer at school, it's fabulous! Although now I have no excuse for not doing something because I left it at school. But yeah, I got working on somethings for school, then around 11 realized my energy level was slowing down. I got changed up and headed to the jcc, which is only a 6 minute drive away! Upon getting there I was still not super ready to run, even though in my head I was thinking "Julie you're not leaving here unless you crank out at least 7 miles, no excuses." It seemed pretty quiet there when I walked in, so I still didn't feel too invigorated; however, after opening the door to the fitness center it was like a surge of energy burst into me... there were a bunch of people running, biking, lifting, etc. and it was like "snap" I'm ready to run. I hopped on a treadmill, with a rascal flatts playlist on my ipod and just starting going. I really didn't have any target for times today, just to run at least 7. So I started off taking it easy... even though there were others running they weren't going too fast so I wasn't too inspired to step it up. After about 4 miles at an easy gait I went up a bit, then decided in my head that I could run another 4 at a faster pace, then I would jog at least another mile to cool down, which is what I did. I wound up finishing 8 miles in 60:22, then slowed it down and ran another mile and a half, ending up with finishing 9.5 for the day. I then proceeded to the mats for my sit up routine and stretching, then back out into the rain to drive home.
When I tell people at the end of the day at school that I am off to run or going to the gym they think I am crazy, saying "aren't you tired, or don't want to go home and rest?" but actually working out and running makes me way more energized than if I lived a sedentary lifestyle. I don't know if it's a runner's high or whatever endorphins kick in, but whatever they are, I guess they're my addiction, my drug of choice perhaps and if that's the addiction I have in life, then I am willing to come out and say it, because that's an addiction I will take any day.
Today was like no other, the run totally brought new life to me. I came home and the cleaning that I had been putting off all weekend miraculously got done, and fast too. There's something about cleaning a toilet that I hate, but I plunged (haha- pun intended) right it and did it in like 30 seconds, cleaned the rest of the bathroom, switched loads from the washer to the dryer, and then proceeded to wash the counters and appliances in my kitchen. I made some lunch and then while eating I planned stuff for the week, cleaned up from lunch, and worked on a bit more school work. Which leads me to well, now, when I realized that since I have all of this energy I should face the music and check on my blog to see when I last visited... Sept 7th wasn't the best news, but I figured I can't put it off any longer, I better blog before September ends.
As I always say, I should blog more, maybe I will, maybe I won't, maybe I should make it a routine to do it after running, use my endorphins positively? We'll see, until next time, whenever that is...

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