Tuesday, March 3, 2009


so last wednesday was ash wednesday and being the good catholic girl that i am, i went to church, got my ashes and did some thinking. i decided that sacrificing something like giving up sugar, chocolate, or candy is just not really what this is all about. in fact, i really am not a big sweets person, so eliminating those things for 40 days really wouldn't be that big of a sacrifice at all. instead, i decided to really focus on doing what i can to be the best whole rounded person that i can be... daugther, sister, friend, teacher, whatever i can do, wherever i can do it. sometimes at school, especially during these long winter months (and weeks with saturday classes and extended days) i can think negative things in my head that really do no good, so i am going to try to turn it around and really keep a positive mentality. recently my memere was diagnosed with breast cancer, which hasn't been too positive, but i am really trying to think positively and have tried to have been a good granddaughter and have gone over there on weekends to visit and bring a little cheer. i also offered to take her to radiation if my mom or aunts can't go on a certain day.
i read a book recently "the 7 habits of highly effective people" and after hearing the sermon this past sunday at christ the king, i really reflected on a part of that book when the author talks about being a well balanced person. this is something too that i am going to try to really work on, for myself, during lent... being balanced all around. one of the suggestions in the book too was focusing on the mental part of being balanced, so i am once again going to try reflecting through this blog, just to help me think about things and get them down. it definitely helps me to think about my day and life, so with that said, hopefully you'll be reading more soon!

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