Saturday, February 13, 2010

1, 2, 3.

Today's numbers were 1, 2, and 3. Let me explain... it was the Bradford Valentine Race... I placed 1st female in the 5 miler, Steve placed 2nd in the 6K, and altogether we placed 3rd for the open male/female division. It was a great day!
I really don't like racing in the winter... or running in the cold for that matter, but running outside today was beautiful! While it was cold temps... probably never higher than 30, it was nice and sunny which made it feel warmer. Thank heavens for under armor too, without that running gear I definitely could not make it out the door for runs in winter weather.
Not only was the day nice, but also I feel like I ran a good race. It felt good to win, but it also felt good to have ran a smart race... a BAA runner was over my shoulder for the majority of the race, but I really think that starting to pick it up around 4.25 helped to mentally beat her.
I must admit I am tired now, from getting up early, running 11.5 miles, and driving a couple hours, but it all was worth it... except I just went to church with my dad and grandmother and confess that I had my eyes closed at parts during it, I couldn't help it!
It's an early pjs night since I am planning on getting up around 6 tomorrow... easy run at the gym around 7 am... then back to the north shore to meet up with Steve for Valentine's Day :) Time to get things packed up/ in order for tomorrow!... a great day one of February vacation!

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