Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bonus day

Today seems like a bonus day. As of late my Wednesdays have been super busy, consisting of biking on my trainer from 5:30-6:30 am, teaching til 3, coming home to grab my school stuff, then heading off to class until 9:00 pm. Basically Wednesdays are jam-packed, although I don't mind it since I feel like I am being productive on those days. Today was a change though. Last night I learned that due to snow class was cancelled. So in my mind I thought, ok now the day is over after school. Then around 10 last night I got my connectED phone call from the superintendent announcing that we were to have an early release day today. Then I thought, wow, my day is even shorter... now the kids were leaving at 11:30!! It's kind of like daylight savings, when you turn the clocks back and gain time, I feel like I gained 8.5 hours back today! And to top it all off around 12 when I was leaving school there was literally no snow on the ground, so I thought "Hey let's take advantage of this, let's go run at the gym!" Since Wednesdays are my easiest days I told myself just to do a five miler easy, but once I started I couldn't just cut it at five, so I made it 7 for the day. It was nice to just log my run and have a "green Wednesday"... those running2win members know what I am talking about!
After running I felt like I was back in my old pattern, where I come home shower and eat, only this time it was still daylight!! And I was coming home for lunch! And now I just did some work for school tomorrow and it's still daylight and I still have like 5 more hours before I have to think about bed! I guess only working half a day has it's perks!!!
Since I have the rest of the evening though I am going to try to make good use of it. I have a final project/ presentation due in 2 weeks for my class so I am going to try to read through the research that I have done for it. The class is called "Advanced Developmental Reading" so my project obviously has to be centered around something with reading and this class we really focused on the first two of the five components- phonemic awareness and phonics, so I am planning on doing a presentation on early literacy learning and autism. I have an autistic student again this year and have found it difficult to really effectively teach him necessary reading strategies... I'm hoping this research will help me with him and future students too! We need to focus on a program that could be used to aid the student, so I am going to try to incorporate the Fundations program that I teach with daily... it's made by Wilson and is multi-sensory which I know is an effective way to teach students with autism (and any student in my opinion!... it's way more fun to be actively engaged in a lesson rather than just reading and writing from a book!)
I am loving this first class that I am taking and hope the next 9 courses are equally as great. While I love my job as a third grade teacher, I know that after 6 years of teaching, I am not going to be in this same classroom for another 20 years. I already have my masters, and with a CAGS I will be more qualified to be a reading specialist/ literacy coach, or work in a school as a curriculum coordinator or something like that. While I love working with the kids, I'd also like the chance to be able to teach the teachers too and provide interventions and ideas. I have students from nearby colleges in my classroom to observe and student teach and I really like supporting them and giving them ideas or showing them techniques. I am hopeful that within the next 2 years I can make a job change where I am still in the education field and in a school system, but am challenging myself in new ways!
Now it's time to continue to take advantage of this bonus day!!!

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Caitlyn Clark said...

We had a full day off! and I would have been out of school before it even snowed! I was glad for the day though, so I could really really nurse my leg. :( boooo for annoying injuries.

Glad you're blogging!