Friday, February 12, 2010

a good surprise day

First things first... last night was the survivor premiere. It's the start to season 20... 10 years of survivor and I have seen almost every season (when I was studying abroad in Spain I really didn't have the chance to see it!) There's something about this show that I just love... although I really wouldn't want to be a contestant since I think it would take so much time for your body to recover from doing a show like this. You really push your body to its limits, yet I like to watch people's competive sides and see how they outwit, outplay, and outlast each other.
This season's twist is heroes vs. villians... basically 20 former contestants are back and on a side based on their play in their former seasons. Personally, I am thrilled Cirie is back... she is totally not a great competitor but the things that come out of her mouth are hilarious. I still remember her premiere episode going to camp when she said, "Leaves, I hate leaves." Many "villians" are sure to stir things up... from Boston Rob, to Coach, to Russell. Should be a good season! Steve and I watched the premiere last night and I think we were both content when Sugar got voted off at tribal council. After three days she was already crying and way too dramatic. Not sure why she was chosen back as a hero, but I'm fine with her leaving already!
Today was another crazy day at school... my one oppositional child is really giving me a run for my money. She refused to do reading work today, then refused to go to lunch and basically flat out defied myself and the assistant principal. If only her parents didn't let her run the house at home maybe she would realize that she can't run the classroom... but enough on that.
I got a great surprise at school today... flowers! :) I totally wasn't expecting it, but during the math lesson the secretary came to my door with a delivery. Pretty red roses along with a variety of other purple flowers(my favorite color) and a teddy bear... just the thing I needed to cheer up my day and a wonderful early valentine's day surprise :)
As if that surprise didn't put me in a good enough mood despite my recent difficulties at school, I am now on February vacation and even though I am not travelling anywhere I am looking forward to a great week off and I'm starting off right this weekend along with a little Dunder Mifflin and The Hobbit with my valentine. :)

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