Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's amazing the things I get done because I am procrastinating from doing something else (a less favored chore or activity)! I am blogging... case and point. I should be doing work for grad school. I am currently in the middle, well not really the middle, I have only written up one page so far, just barely through the intro and I have 14 slides for a power point with a pretty background and titles, yet no content on it...so work has only begun, but yet I have proceeded to procrastinate throughout the afternoon. Despite the avoidance of grad school work, I have been productive in other aspects of the day.... let's recap.
I haven't blogged in a couple of days, although nothing too exciting for this teacher on vacation. Yesterday began with a good 90 minutes of cross training followed by lunch with some friends. I then got an oil changed and was super-efficient because I brought research articles to honda, so I got work done while I waited. Last night wasn't as productive, even though I had intentions of it being so. My sister came home for a few days since she's also on February vacation; however, my family is very loud when they are all present. My parents, bro, and sis were downstairs watching the Olympics, while I was upstairs trying to do work and it was impossible. It made me remember why I moved out last year and enjoyed a year of peace and quiet... I look forward to moving again...
Onto today...it began with waking up around 7, not exactly by choice, but once again due to loudness of the family. Either way, I was up so I had breakfast and went to the gym at 9 to get a workout in. It was snowing, so I was worried that it'd be too bad out to drive, but it was fine. Here's the workout round up:
On the treadmill: ran 8 miles in about 57:20... then was supposed to do 6 accelerations. I ran each for 1 minute, with 30 seconds in between. The first three I did at 9.6 on the treadmill(6:15 pace), with 8.6 level for my recovery (6:58) pace.The second three I did at the speed of 10 which is a 6 minute mile pace. This brought the mileage up to 9.4 miles, so I ran .6 mi for a cooldown to round out the day at a nice even 10 miles. I also had a really good stretch afterwards, sometimes I rush through this part, but today I took the time to really enjoy having the time to do it.
After coming home and showering and eating I told myself to do some work... then proceeded to find ways around doing it. I read the newspaper, searched for races, talked on the phone, watched tv, talked to mom and sis, did dishes, made tea, checked email, went on facebook, and probably other things I don't even remember. One of the benefits of my neglecting to type up a paper was registering for the Vermont marathon... May 30th... the countdown is now officially on!
Finally, I decided to start working about an hour ago and have managed to do some of it, yet felt the need to add blogging to my list of procrastination before continuing to do more work.
I have class tomorrow, so I'd really like to get at least the first draft of my paper done to maybe bring with more and see if what I'm doing looks good... so I guess I have to face the music and get back to work. I have about an hour before I'll make some dinner, so I like to try to make a game of it and see how many pages I can bang out in that hour... I'll set my goal for three more pages by dinner, we'll see what happens, but generally if I can make it like a game or competition I will be more focused and motivated to get it done... 3 pages here I come.

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Caitlyn Clark said...

This sounds like me... except for that long list of things that help you procrastinate is a lot shorter with me... It looks like this: Facebook, r2w, blogging... and more facebook. ;)