Friday, February 26, 2010


So last Saturday evening I went to church with my dad and grandmother. Now I can't say that I always pay attention to everything that is said, in fact I tend to let my mind wander and just think about things in my life, kind of like a reflection time, which probably isn't exactly what I should be doing, but anyways, I was really paying attention to the priest's homily. Basically the point of it was that in life there may seem to be many shortcuts; however, sometimes taking the longer road, or the road less traveled is more rewarding the end. Although his message is that you will be rewarded in heaven. I've been thinking about this message all week, because I don't think that making the right choice and doing the right thing just has to be all about waiting to get rewarded in heaven, while the rewards may take some time, not choosing the short cut pays off while still here on earth.
I was thinking about this with different aspects of my life... take school for example. I was, and still am, the dorky one... the one who does everything and goes about and beyond the assignment. Why? Not so I can kiss up and be a "teacher's pet", I really think that, especially now with grad work, everything that I am doing is making myself become a better person and a better teacher. By really getting into all of the work I am assigned right now with my Reading degree, I feel like I am making myself more educated so I can better educate my students. Now some may take "shortcuts"... not do all the reading, research, etc. but who are they hurting? Rhetorical question... only themselves!
I also was thinking about this and running. Ok so some people think I am crazy... in fact many do. As I leave school at the end of the day I have told colleagues that I am off to the gym or off to run. "Why do you do this?" they ask, which usually leads into a long conversation of me explaining why I want to be a better runner, but really how it also makes me a better person in all aspects of my life... it keeps me healthy and mentally sane too. Taking a short cut for me would be to go home and loaf on the couch, correct some papers, then wake up and do it again... I don't think so. (Nor do I get how this is actually what some of my colleagues do?!!?)
Another short cut I choose not to partake in is fast food! While this may seem like a "short cut" in making a dinner, the only thing I see this as shortening is your life span! Seeing documentaries and reading articles about what goes into some of that processed food really makes me cringe... While in college (undergrad) I was able to really make my own food choices for the first time in my life. While I wasn't going to organic farmstands or whole foods, just being able to choose fresh fruits and vegetables from the cafeteria opened my eyes to healthier eating. I then started to shop at my favorite store- Trader Joe's, which I now go to weekly to stock up on whole grained foods, fresh fruits and veggies, veggie burgers, soy nuggets, etc. Yes this may be a little out of the way and yes it takes longer for me to cook a veggie burger and make a side dish than my family who will opt to go to Wendy's... but I am willing to spend the extra time for the pay off in the end. I feel healthier and AM healthier!
There are many other shortcuts that I could take, but I chose not to... of course every now and then I'm sure I do take an easy way out of something, I mean we are only human; however, I do try to consciously make good decisions. One thing I really try not to take a shortcut on are my workouts... here's the update since the last post:

Thursday... jam packed day... I got home at 7 pm so I did an hour on my bike (which is on a trainer) in the cellar... basically this was my easy day for the week.

Friday... cross training day: Elliptical 1 hr. 22 minutes (basically did 80 minutes, then the last 2 were a "cool down") after that I hit up the mats to do some ab work on the ball, then lots of stretching.

Even though it's now the weekend and teachers love the weekend... unfortunately this weekend I have to be a student to make up for a cancelled class on Wednesday evening. So tomorrow I'll be in class from 9:30- 2ish and giving my final presentation... "Literacy Learners with Autism"! Hope it goes well! :)

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