Wednesday, February 24, 2010

snow day x2

Kind of a double meaning to the title there... not only is this my second entry on the snow day, but I also have a snow day times two today. I had my school cancelled for the day and my evening class is officially cancelled as well. What usually is like a work day from 8 am til 9 pm has been completely washed out! Now the only bad thing is I have to make them both up later, oh well, I took advantage of the extra time for a good workout at the gym! Here's what I did:
1 hour on the elliptical (7.7 miles)
5 mile run on the treadmill- 36:48
ab workout and stretching on the mats
While at the gym I was watching the news and learned that one of the towns in my district got almost 15 inches of snow today!! Like I said before, I teach at a higher elevation!!

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The Runner's Kitchen said...

Awesome elliptical/run combo! I'm quite jealous of your snow day :-) NYC just got lots of rain and wind.