Wednesday, February 24, 2010

snow day

There's something about a snow day that seems inherently good... yet in reality I don't really think it's always so great, like today for example, a two hour delay would have been plenty (although I do understand about safety, and yes, I teach in a higher elevation where there is a lot of snow coming down!). Not only did my district cancel school, but the district where I go to grad school is cancelled... so no class this evening either. My booked day has turned into nothing, so I have decided to try to make the most of it and get some things done. Here's the plan:
Go to the gym when it's safe to do so, I'm hoping soon, for a workout. I already did some online baby shower shopping and some tidying up. Also on the agenda will be to research more about my Costa Rica trip! (I may even go to the bookstore later to buy a travel guide). Unfortunately I was supposed to give my final presentation tonight for my class and I have no work to catch up on... which is a good thing! But, I still can try to get ahead on my teaching work and get some things planned for next week to make the end of my work week a little easier. I also woke up with a little sore throat, so the plan is get lots of vitamin c today and even maybe rest! (I think that sometimes I am so focused on squeezing in everything I can in a day that I forget that sometimes my body just needs to stop and rest.)
Yesterday's run went well... Tuesday is a running day and I got 10 miles in. I included 1 minute accelerations on the treadmill, starting around mile 8. These ranged from 6:15 pace to 5:52 pace. For more info on that you can check out my running log, which I am going to try to put on my page later.
As for now, I am going to go check out the weather and see if the roads are looking any better so I can get to the gym!

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