Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunday long-run day

So today is the "long run day" as part of my marathon training for VCM. I am not up to super long runs yet, but just trying to get in a little extra. Today's mileage was 13 miles, I didn't push it too hard and ended up averaging a 7:27 pace. I was able to get this done by 12:30, which was nice, then I had the rest of the day to enjoy my last bit of February vacation, well I didn't enjoy it a ton, since I still had work to do!
Tracking back to yesterday... did a tempo run, but doing it outside on a hilly route proved to not be the best idea... either way the daily total was 9.25 miles. Almost hit 50 miles this week... tomorrow will be an elliptical day.
I wound up spending a lot of time yesterday and today on the computer, but not doing work, it was research of another kind, travel research! My dad, sister, and I have talked about going to Costa Rica for a couple years now, and I suggested that we go this April vacation. I am itching to travel somewhere, and all three of us have that week off, it's the dry season there, so it seemed to make sense. (That and I am not running Boston, otherwise that could be a problem!... although I am planning on keeping up my training, running in Central America sounds pretty cool!) Anyways, yesterday we figured out the flight info and today was the hotel stuff. I am pumped to have everything booked and look forward to taking off in April! We're flying into San Jose...then going north to Monteverde(more foresty- also a volcano!)...then going south to Jaco (on the beach!) and back to San Jose. Seriously can't wait to see tropical vegetation and wildlife... hopefully see the volcano spewing... go ziplining!... enjoy the beach...speak spanish...swim in the Pacific...and spend some father-daughter-sister time! I am putting in some pics from the website, these are some of the places we're staying... 55 days and counting!! :)

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