Tuesday, February 9, 2010

unofficial day 1 of training

Ok, so today isn't really my first day of marathon training. When it comes to training, I feel like I have been training all along building up a base. Now it's just really more about changing the focus... and focusing, which is why I have decided to enter this blogland again. As you can see from past posts, I tried starting this before, yet have sort of failed... I tell myself to do it, then I don't. Lately though I've realized that I reflect a lot at the end of the day, so I really should write it down, it's helpful to read later. Even just reading back to the posts I read last year it brings me back to specific moments and I can remember how I was feeling at those times.
As you can see, I definitely go off on tangents, but I am kind of using this more as a way to get my thoughts down, it doesn't need structure like my grad school papers... but now back to my initial focus: MARATHON TRAINING.
Recently Stevin was talking to me and what he said has really just been resonating in my head... "I don't think you realize how good you could be... you just need more confidence when you step out there." (ok so not an exact quote, but more or less, that's what he said) Either way, I really have been thinking about it and think he's right, I put a lot of time into my training, yet if I just tweak some things and push the bar up a bit with the goals I have, I think I can do better than I currently am. Running my first marathon in Hartford last fall was great, but I didn't really follow a "training program," I more or less just tried to run and cross train and really only focused on Sundays long runs... making sure I was comfortable at getting in some extra miles and eventually worked my way up, but actually never trained with anything longer than a 19 miler. (My knee started bothering me, so I figured I would take it down a bit so I could actually get to the starting line.) That being said, my first goal was just to finish the marathon... goal two was to qualify for Boston... goal three was to have fun. Needlesstosay I did all three. I finished in 3:21 and actually stopped to go to the bathroom too! I had too much left at the end, which leads me to believe that I know I can do better.
Sometimes I feel like it's hard to keep everything in balance and get everything into my busy schedule... teaching third grade full time and now being a grad student too (getting my CAGS in Reading to become a literacy specialist). Although I have carved out time after school to workout, so my goal is just to make these more quality workouts... starting today. Here's how it went: the goal was to do 6 accelerations, so I incorporated that into my run. I wanted to keep a fairly steady pace to start: Miles 1 and 2 were at 7:30 pace, Miles 3 and 4 at 7:19 pace, and then Miles 5-8 were at 7:08 pace. Then I went right into the acclerations of 1:00... the first four were at 6:22 pace, then 6:15, and finally 6:07. I ran each acceleration for a minute, with a 30 second break in between during which I ran 7:30 pace. (I think I made that sound more confusing than it was!) Either way, it was a good workout!
Now I don't want this to turn into my running log, seeing how I have a separate one of those, but I do feel the need to get my running thoughts out there. Another thought on my mind now is the weather... we're getting snow tomorrow afternoon for sure, so I'm thinking my 4:30-9 class is off (meaning I'll have to make it up, booo) but I'm wondering what will happen for the school day. I am guessing/ hoping for an early release, that way it's not a full day, but we get in and won't have to make this day up in the summer! I don't really want the day off from school seeing how next week is February vacation, I'd rather just get this week in and done!

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Stevin said...

you said "I had too much left at the end" when talking about the end of your marathon.

I don't think you had too much left at the end because you accomplished what you wanted to do. The fact that you did so well and still felt good afterward is just positive re-enforcement and is a good jumping off point for your new goals.