Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mind over matter

I swear, sometimes I can defeat myself, so I really am trying to have more confidence, believe in myself, and put mind over matter. Today I am home sick... and yes it's legit. Yesterday I had no voice and have felt crappy since last weekend. Today I am no better, with stuff flowing from my nose... won't go into more details, but my body (throat down) feels fine.
I think that "home sick" comes with the stereotype of staying in pjs all day, which yes, is sometimes necessary... but I could only sleep in til 8:30, then managed to lounge on the couch for a good three hours, which having a couple cups of tea and breakfast. I then decided, I should stick to my workout routine and complete the month of March on a solid note. So I am happy to say I motivated myself to do an hour on the bike in my partially flooded cellar. Typical Wednesday workout, but overcame the "sick" barrier today to do it.
I think I put mind over matter on Sunday too. I wasn't feeling great, but wanted to see Steve and run with him. Well this turned into a 15 mile endeavor, which I know I wouldn't have done on my own with the sore throat I had, but I decided if we're going to do it, do it right. We ran it in 1:47... 7:07 pace! I am determined to keep this up and run another 11 miles at the same pace come Vermont in 2 months... it's total mental, and yes sometimes I too am totally mental.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring in my step!

Happy Spring! I started off the season right today with an 11 miler in about 79 minutes. It was so nice to feel the sun beating off the pavement, love it! I only wish it were going to stay 60 plus degrees from now on, although it's looking like it will be lowering a bit with the week coming up.
Here's the weekly recap (it seems I've been so busy that blogging has only been possible on th weekends lately).

Monday: easy cross training on the elliptical: 9 miles

Tuesday: 10.5 miles in 1:28 and change... that's a 6:56 pace, woohoo! did this as a workout too... here are the numbers:
here were the first 8 miles...
mile 1: 7:40
mile 2: 7:30
mile 3: 7:19
mile 4: 7:08
mile 5: 6:58
mile 6: 6:49
mile 7: 6:40
mile 8: 6:31

(then i did the 400s up above, followed by the "cool down..") pretty pumped that this workout took me to sub 7 average pace!

Wednesday: my easy workout day since I have class til late, this was also a half day at school and half development day, which sounds good, except i was sitting from about 1:30-8:30 (of course I got up for breaks, but my body doesn't like to be this sedentary unless I am sleeping!). Did an hour on the bike in the cellar on my trainer at 5:30 in the am.

Thursday: I did an awesome progression run on the treadmill!
Mile1- 7:30
8-6:07 then I ran another 1.5 miles as a cooldown, for a good 9.5 on the day.

Friday: Ran an easy 6 miles in 45:47... slow at a 7:37 pace. However, I then had to go back to school for the student faculy basketball game. I am actually a little sore today, I haven't played since last year's game, although I must say I was proud that I executed a pretty sweet reverse layup!

Which brings me back to today and my 11 miles... I am up to 37 miles this week, so I plan on doing around 8 tomorrow to bring me to a nice 45 for the week. I have to say that I was surprised while running though. I ran by many bikers, which I cycle too, so I have nothing against them; however, I said hi or waved to them all and not one of them responded, I wanted to say "come on people, it's spring be happy!" but no. My faith in humanity was restored though when I ran by a little old lady who was out walking. (She was cute with her big sun glasses and nose protector thing (obviously due to the sun)... but I said hi to her and waved and she gave me a big wave and smile, thank you lady!)

Well a shower is necessary now, it's so nice to be sweaty though after a run out there! Then it's work and errands all afternoon. Maybe I will relax tonight? Then again, with everything I have to do, maybe not, either way being busy is a good thing, hopefully all this work will mean good things in the future. Enjoy day one of Spring everyone! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunday-long-run-day... on the treadmill.

So after yesterday's battle with wind and rain I decided that today's long run would be inside since the weather isn't that much better. 14 miles on the treadmill! Part of this was mental, but I took it easy in the beginning and after getting halfway through it wasn't so bad... averaged a 7:18 pace. I ran the first 13.5 in just over 1:38 (my 13 mile time was 1:35), which let's me know I am on pretty good track to do some good times this Spring and Summer!
Last night I had a new experience... eating Indian food! I am not too adventurous with trying new things, especially since I'm lactose intolerant and I feel dumb sometimes asking the waiter if whatever I'm order has milk, cheese, or cream in it, but Steve guided me through the menu at "Jewel in the Crown" in Newburyport. I didn't want anything too spicy. Steve got chicken vindaloo which made him sweat, literally! I opted for vegetable curry which was really good! I also looooove naan bread, and found a new obsession which I am going to try to find on my grocery outing this afternoon- tamarind sauce!
Check it out!
Well I'm off to food shop for the week... hopefully finding some tamarind sauce at Trader Joe's!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

battling the elements

Although today's run wasn't always fun while I was running, I definitely feel accomplished having finished it. 9 miles is not difficult for me to get through; however, when the temps are in the 30s, the wind is blowing you away, and the rain feels like ice pellets on your face, getting the 9 miler does is definitely accomplishment #1 of the day. I didn't do it super fast... just around 69 minutes and didn't really realize how freezing I was until I got home. I could barely turn the doorknob to get into my house, my fingers were so numb and swollen! I went right upstairs to shower and after difficulty taking off my running clothes which were pasted to my body (I should have weighed those layers... I didn't realize how much water I soaked up!)I took a nice 16 minute long hot shower, it felt soooooo good! I actually didn't even stretch much at the end of the run I was so cold, so I stretched in the shower!!
Yesterday was an easy 80 minutes on the elliptical after a long day at school. I know I teach an inclusion classroom, so I am required to go to my kids' iep meetings, although I feel like lately I am out of my room so much to attend these lengthy sessions! Yesterday another one of my kiddos was officially diagnosed with aspergers and adhd, so we had to reconvene the meeting after and hour and a half and the team will be meeting again on Tuesday morning at 8:30 am. Don't get me wrong, I am all about doing everything I can to help out my kids, although being taken out of my class to go to these meetings seems counterproductive sometimes... I leave 21 kids with coverage to sit at a table for 1 student.
Back to today... I had to get my run done so I can head up to Steve's for the day, time to write some curriculum! I actually don't mind planning on doing curriculum, although I am not familiar with his subject matter (video productions), so I hope I can be helpful. ALSO daylight savings tonight! Not a fan of losing an hour, but I will take it if it means having an extra hour of light at the end of the day... now I won't be coming home in the darkness at the end of my days! :)
Time to go get some coursework done before taking off... happy weekend!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

sleep, work, run, eat

So I haven't posted in like a week... basically because I feel like I do are these four things... sleep, work, run, eat, repeat. I haven't had much time to just relax lately, which is okay because life is jam packed with good stuff, it's just been so busy that I literally have found myself working until 10/10:30 at night and crashing, then waking up and doing it all over again... here's the recap since last weekend:

Sunday- Awesome day, ran with SISU up in Haverhill. It's nice to start as a group and then everyone kind of breaks off depending on mileage. Steve and I ended up doing 13 miles at a super easy pace... like 8 min miles. It was nice to talk, although with a couple miles to go I had a bathroom issue... my stomach was talking like there's no tomorrow, so needless to say I had to cave and hit up the woods... the afternoon was great too! We went to Newburyport since the weather was gooooorgeous and got thai food at a restaurant we like there.

Monday- Not a bad day, but nothing too exciting to report. I had a couple of meetings and got a walk in observation from my assistant principal, but they both went fine. The workout was 75 minutes on the elliptical, plus I did the usual upper body free weights and abs.

Tuesday- Long day... we're talking an iep meeting that lasted nearly 2.5 hours! That's what happens I guess with 18 pages in the iep... it's worth it for the kids, but still, not the most fun way to end the day, plus it made me late for my meet up with Caitlyn and John at AHS track. I finally did a workout on the track! AND it wasn't so bad... of course I really am not that fast; however, here's how it went:

Warm-up: about 38 minutes 5 miles
1 4 x400 Meters 90 89, 93, 90, 87 400 each
2 1 x1600 Meters 6:40 6:36 400
3 3 x200 Meters 45 44, 44, 42 200
Cool-down: 2 miles

So the total mileage was 10.5 for the day!

Wednesday- My wicked long days. So I do this to myself, I decided to start another degree, but it definitely puts a strain on the schedule! Up at 5:30 am in the cellar to bike.... then I went to school to teach for the day. Of course I also had a meeting after school which I actually had to ask to leave early to get to my class on time. I started a new class on Wednesday night "Speech and Language Development" which I really find sooooo interesting. I loved the course in undergrad, although I am hoping the teacher is good. She seemed a little "not with it" last night...I wanted to give her a lesson on how to run a powerpoint and inform her she shouldn't just read the slides to us. It was a little discourage to see in the bottom corner too that we were only on slide 7 of 135... fortunately we didn't view them all in one night! I didn't get to bed til almost 11 last night because I was too busy with other work too, so I think that left me a little tired today.

That brings us to the present, Thursday. I woke up and thought "God I wish it were Friday." Not the case. I managed to get through the school day fine and health wise I felt great, although driving to the gym around 4 I was really tempted to just drive home and call it day... totally mental though. I resisted the temptation and went to the gym. Then while changing I thought "maybe I'll just run an easy 6 or 7" but resisted that temptation and stuck to the progression run plan. (Although I did take it easy the first mile... here it is:)
Miles: 1- 7:40
2- 7:30
Then I ran a cool down... although I timed those miles too... 6:58 and 7:30. A grand total of 10 for the day, I feel so accomplished for having done this and not just come home like it seems the majority of teachers at my school do! Leaving the school after school and calling it a day is such a waste, there's so many more hours to put to use! Speaking of which I am going to put the final 2.5 hours to my day to use now... I have homework for my course I want to get started on, planning to do, and prep for another iep review meeting tomorrow afternoon, it never ends! (At least I have survivor to keep company with while I work away!)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

it's a beautiful day!

Seriously, Spring seems right around the corner today. I ran without a jacket or gloves and it was glorious!!! I only did about 8.5 in 62 minutes. I really just wanted to enjoy a run and not be thinking about times, just soaking in the sunshine and it was fabulous. There weren't even too many puddles, so it didn't get too messy either, bonus!
After the morning errands, then run, it was time to shower and go to a baby shower! One of my best friends is having a baby in less than two months! Seeing her go through the process of carrying a child really amazes and befuddles me... while I would like kids in the future sometime, the idea of an actual person growing inside of you is just so, well... weird for lack of a better word. Regardless, she's looking great and Maddie will be here soon! Nice to see some of best girl friends and catch up... always a good time.
Tonight is all about getting work done. I just did laundry and got planning done. I also am trying to research schools that I may apply to to try to get a teaching job in the Merrimack Valley area... if anyone is reading this and know of elementary openings up there, please forward them to me! :) I really am pumped that Steve got a job teaching up there, so I'm hoping to find an elementary teaching job in the area too! (Although leaving my current job will be difficult, it's definitely worth it.) That being said, I also have to continue to update my resume and get more of the components onto school spring. I also have to grade some practice MCAS questions that my kiddos did on Friday and do the rest of the planning that I didn't finish earlier. And if I have time... rest?

Work out update from yesterday...
Just did 75 minutes on the elliptical, a nice easy way to end a long week.
Tomorrow morning I am planning on driving north to do a long easy-paced run with the team! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

a run and a cut

Catch up with yesterday... so yesterday was an early morning, up at 5:30 to bike, since yes it was class day. Biked for an hour, then taught my third grade kiddos which wasn't fun when you have a nine year old who thinks she's the queen and can write "I like cheese" and draw spongebob over everything instead of doing any work... not cool.
After a long day in room 204 I came home, unloaded teaching stuff, and loaded up student stuff. I grabbed some snacks and made tea to take with me since I gave my presentation last week I knew I could take it easy! It was great... instead of getting out at 9, we got out at 7:45! Three credits done with en route to my CAGS!

And now for Thursday...

So this morning I was so disappointed when after waking up I realized that no, it really wasn't a Friday, but a Thursday... SUCH a disappointment. However, I can honestly say that after waking up my day got WAY BETTER! Got really good news before school, then finally had a day at school where my obstinate child didn't defy me!
After teaching I went to the gym... it was progression run day. As always, starting up is the hardest. It's the same when I go out running... that first step out the door is the toughest! After the belt started though, I was in the zone... here are my times from my log:

progression run!
mile 1: 7:30
mile 2: 7:19
mile 3: 7:08
mile 4: 6:58
mile 5: 6:49
mile 6: 6:40
mile 7: 6:26
mile 8: 6:11

felt good! ran another 2 miles to cool down after this... didn't time it, but the first mile of it was a 6:58... got slower though!

I actually got my run done sooner than usual since I decided to get my hair cut. I came home, grabbed some dinner and a shower, then headed off to get a chop! I got like 3-4 inches cut off, it's nothing too drastic, but definitely feels lighter... less to carry with me while running! Well this is short, but it's time for survivor, relaxing, and hopefully a good phone conversation :) Happy almost Friday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

who'd have thought i may enjoy speed training?

Ok so in high school I can't consider myself a true "track runner"... our team was a joke, it consisted of 9 girls, the majority of whom didn't even enjoy running... who would pretty to go for a run, then return in x amount of time. I was usually pretty much on my own and just ran, never did any "speed workouts" and still am slightly confused by many of the names of 4x 800s or 6 x200s or whatever, I still have a lot to learn. However, with a little teaching I think I will learn and the little I have learned and tried I think is actually helping!
Today was a acceleration day... here's the log from my running log:

I started off with couple easy 7:30s, then did the majority of the first 8 miles around 7:19-6:58 pace. after 8 miles i did 6 accelerations... each a minute long with 30 sec in between (i ran a 6:58 recovery pace) here are the acceleration times in min per mile:

4 @ 6:00 pace
1 @ 5:52 pace
1 @ 5:46 pace

i was happy to do bursts at less than 6 min pace splits... in time i want all 6 to be below 6 min pace, this is totally doable, i really just need more confidence... i probably could have done them all at 5:52 pace today if i had set my mind to it.
after the accelerations it brought me to like 9.4 miles, so i just ran the final .6 and included it in my overall time... even with recovery and that last cool down though sub 7 average pace for the day, woo hoo :)

Tomorrow is my super long day... I'll be up before the sun to ride my bike (on my trainer) before school... then teach my kiddos and then be a student myself until 9 tomorrow night- last class for course #1, three credits down!

Monday, March 1, 2010

race recap and a case of the mondays

Here's Steve at the beginning...

Here I am around midway through...


Earlier in the race

Ok, so yesterday I ran a race, I wasn't training for it, just ran it to do a tempo run on a Sunday. It wasn't anything too big, just the Frozen Shamrock 3 Miler in Haverhill. Steve and I ran about 3 miles to warm up. It really wasn't too warm out, but the fact that it wasn't snowing was definitely a plus! After nearly missing the start to the race... we literally sprinted to the start when we were hearing the national anthem, I had a rocky start to the race.
First of all we thought we had warmed up on the course, but we couldn't have been more wrong, so I had no clue where we were going... not like I was going to get lost, but when racing I do like to have a sense of where the hills are and know mentally when I should push it and hold back. So I had no clue of what was to come. All things considered, I'd say I had a decent race. I was in third place for females for the good first half of it, then managed to pass a girl after a hill. Hills generally are my strong point, I don't seem to get as tired on them or at least I can recover pretty well from them. The other girl was just too far ahead of me to get up to, so I just stayed within myself knowing it was just a tempo run anyway. I wound up with a second place finish overall for the females and Steve wound up with a second place finish for the males... not too shabby considering there were around 900 runners, although many of them were just recreational. Here were my splits:
Mile 1: 6:22
Mile 2: 6:12
Mile 3: 6:13
The final time was 18:47, good for 6:17 average splits. I think I am improving and only want to step it up even more!

Post race Steve and I cooled down with around 4 miles. It was so nice to have him there and even though we run our own races (he's way ahead of me) it's good to be able to warm up, cool down, and support each other!

As for today, it was back to school. I love teaching, don't get me wrong, but today was another day when at times I just wanted it to be summer vacation already! (or at least april so I could be in Costa Rica!)!

After school I went to the gym for a typical Monday cross training day. Here's what I did:
Elliptical 75 min for 9.5 miles
Upper body lifting with free weights
Abs and Stretching

Overall it was a good day, only four more to go until the weekend!

I took some pictures from the website (Jim Rhoades took the shots). These are from this weekend :)