Saturday, March 13, 2010

battling the elements

Although today's run wasn't always fun while I was running, I definitely feel accomplished having finished it. 9 miles is not difficult for me to get through; however, when the temps are in the 30s, the wind is blowing you away, and the rain feels like ice pellets on your face, getting the 9 miler does is definitely accomplishment #1 of the day. I didn't do it super fast... just around 69 minutes and didn't really realize how freezing I was until I got home. I could barely turn the doorknob to get into my house, my fingers were so numb and swollen! I went right upstairs to shower and after difficulty taking off my running clothes which were pasted to my body (I should have weighed those layers... I didn't realize how much water I soaked up!)I took a nice 16 minute long hot shower, it felt soooooo good! I actually didn't even stretch much at the end of the run I was so cold, so I stretched in the shower!!
Yesterday was an easy 80 minutes on the elliptical after a long day at school. I know I teach an inclusion classroom, so I am required to go to my kids' iep meetings, although I feel like lately I am out of my room so much to attend these lengthy sessions! Yesterday another one of my kiddos was officially diagnosed with aspergers and adhd, so we had to reconvene the meeting after and hour and a half and the team will be meeting again on Tuesday morning at 8:30 am. Don't get me wrong, I am all about doing everything I can to help out my kids, although being taken out of my class to go to these meetings seems counterproductive sometimes... I leave 21 kids with coverage to sit at a table for 1 student.
Back to today... I had to get my run done so I can head up to Steve's for the day, time to write some curriculum! I actually don't mind planning on doing curriculum, although I am not familiar with his subject matter (video productions), so I hope I can be helpful. ALSO daylight savings tonight! Not a fan of losing an hour, but I will take it if it means having an extra hour of light at the end of the day... now I won't be coming home in the darkness at the end of my days! :)
Time to go get some coursework done before taking off... happy weekend!

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