Saturday, March 6, 2010

it's a beautiful day!

Seriously, Spring seems right around the corner today. I ran without a jacket or gloves and it was glorious!!! I only did about 8.5 in 62 minutes. I really just wanted to enjoy a run and not be thinking about times, just soaking in the sunshine and it was fabulous. There weren't even too many puddles, so it didn't get too messy either, bonus!
After the morning errands, then run, it was time to shower and go to a baby shower! One of my best friends is having a baby in less than two months! Seeing her go through the process of carrying a child really amazes and befuddles me... while I would like kids in the future sometime, the idea of an actual person growing inside of you is just so, well... weird for lack of a better word. Regardless, she's looking great and Maddie will be here soon! Nice to see some of best girl friends and catch up... always a good time.
Tonight is all about getting work done. I just did laundry and got planning done. I also am trying to research schools that I may apply to to try to get a teaching job in the Merrimack Valley area... if anyone is reading this and know of elementary openings up there, please forward them to me! :) I really am pumped that Steve got a job teaching up there, so I'm hoping to find an elementary teaching job in the area too! (Although leaving my current job will be difficult, it's definitely worth it.) That being said, I also have to continue to update my resume and get more of the components onto school spring. I also have to grade some practice MCAS questions that my kiddos did on Friday and do the rest of the planning that I didn't finish earlier. And if I have time... rest?

Work out update from yesterday...
Just did 75 minutes on the elliptical, a nice easy way to end a long week.
Tomorrow morning I am planning on driving north to do a long easy-paced run with the team! :)

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