Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mind over matter

I swear, sometimes I can defeat myself, so I really am trying to have more confidence, believe in myself, and put mind over matter. Today I am home sick... and yes it's legit. Yesterday I had no voice and have felt crappy since last weekend. Today I am no better, with stuff flowing from my nose... won't go into more details, but my body (throat down) feels fine.
I think that "home sick" comes with the stereotype of staying in pjs all day, which yes, is sometimes necessary... but I could only sleep in til 8:30, then managed to lounge on the couch for a good three hours, which having a couple cups of tea and breakfast. I then decided, I should stick to my workout routine and complete the month of March on a solid note. So I am happy to say I motivated myself to do an hour on the bike in my partially flooded cellar. Typical Wednesday workout, but overcame the "sick" barrier today to do it.
I think I put mind over matter on Sunday too. I wasn't feeling great, but wanted to see Steve and run with him. Well this turned into a 15 mile endeavor, which I know I wouldn't have done on my own with the sore throat I had, but I decided if we're going to do it, do it right. We ran it in 1:47... 7:07 pace! I am determined to keep this up and run another 11 miles at the same pace come Vermont in 2 months... it's total mental, and yes sometimes I too am totally mental.

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Caitlyn Clark said...

Jeeze Julie... you'll be kickin' my butt in no time! Hope you feel better!