Monday, March 1, 2010

race recap and a case of the mondays

Here's Steve at the beginning...

Here I am around midway through...


Earlier in the race

Ok, so yesterday I ran a race, I wasn't training for it, just ran it to do a tempo run on a Sunday. It wasn't anything too big, just the Frozen Shamrock 3 Miler in Haverhill. Steve and I ran about 3 miles to warm up. It really wasn't too warm out, but the fact that it wasn't snowing was definitely a plus! After nearly missing the start to the race... we literally sprinted to the start when we were hearing the national anthem, I had a rocky start to the race.
First of all we thought we had warmed up on the course, but we couldn't have been more wrong, so I had no clue where we were going... not like I was going to get lost, but when racing I do like to have a sense of where the hills are and know mentally when I should push it and hold back. So I had no clue of what was to come. All things considered, I'd say I had a decent race. I was in third place for females for the good first half of it, then managed to pass a girl after a hill. Hills generally are my strong point, I don't seem to get as tired on them or at least I can recover pretty well from them. The other girl was just too far ahead of me to get up to, so I just stayed within myself knowing it was just a tempo run anyway. I wound up with a second place finish overall for the females and Steve wound up with a second place finish for the males... not too shabby considering there were around 900 runners, although many of them were just recreational. Here were my splits:
Mile 1: 6:22
Mile 2: 6:12
Mile 3: 6:13
The final time was 18:47, good for 6:17 average splits. I think I am improving and only want to step it up even more!

Post race Steve and I cooled down with around 4 miles. It was so nice to have him there and even though we run our own races (he's way ahead of me) it's good to be able to warm up, cool down, and support each other!

As for today, it was back to school. I love teaching, don't get me wrong, but today was another day when at times I just wanted it to be summer vacation already! (or at least april so I could be in Costa Rica!)!

After school I went to the gym for a typical Monday cross training day. Here's what I did:
Elliptical 75 min for 9.5 miles
Upper body lifting with free weights
Abs and Stretching

Overall it was a good day, only four more to go until the weekend!

I took some pictures from the website (Jim Rhoades took the shots). These are from this weekend :)


Caitlyn Clark said...

The winner of that race qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials in the marathon... she just had a baby and is now racing again. I know her backside pretty well!

simplyrunningonfaith said...

Thanks for stopping by!! Are you currently in the classroom or taking classes too?