Thursday, March 4, 2010

a run and a cut

Catch up with yesterday... so yesterday was an early morning, up at 5:30 to bike, since yes it was class day. Biked for an hour, then taught my third grade kiddos which wasn't fun when you have a nine year old who thinks she's the queen and can write "I like cheese" and draw spongebob over everything instead of doing any work... not cool.
After a long day in room 204 I came home, unloaded teaching stuff, and loaded up student stuff. I grabbed some snacks and made tea to take with me since I gave my presentation last week I knew I could take it easy! It was great... instead of getting out at 9, we got out at 7:45! Three credits done with en route to my CAGS!

And now for Thursday...

So this morning I was so disappointed when after waking up I realized that no, it really wasn't a Friday, but a Thursday... SUCH a disappointment. However, I can honestly say that after waking up my day got WAY BETTER! Got really good news before school, then finally had a day at school where my obstinate child didn't defy me!
After teaching I went to the gym... it was progression run day. As always, starting up is the hardest. It's the same when I go out running... that first step out the door is the toughest! After the belt started though, I was in the zone... here are my times from my log:

progression run!
mile 1: 7:30
mile 2: 7:19
mile 3: 7:08
mile 4: 6:58
mile 5: 6:49
mile 6: 6:40
mile 7: 6:26
mile 8: 6:11

felt good! ran another 2 miles to cool down after this... didn't time it, but the first mile of it was a 6:58... got slower though!

I actually got my run done sooner than usual since I decided to get my hair cut. I came home, grabbed some dinner and a shower, then headed off to get a chop! I got like 3-4 inches cut off, it's nothing too drastic, but definitely feels lighter... less to carry with me while running! Well this is short, but it's time for survivor, relaxing, and hopefully a good phone conversation :) Happy almost Friday!

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simplyrunningonfaith said...

I SO get thrown off with Thursday mornings, too! We have block periods on Thurs and Fri so it gives me a break from seeing some of my "favorites." I am so impressed by your schedule and how you are able to execute it! Nice progression run too. It gives me some ideas for next week.