Thursday, March 11, 2010

sleep, work, run, eat

So I haven't posted in like a week... basically because I feel like I do are these four things... sleep, work, run, eat, repeat. I haven't had much time to just relax lately, which is okay because life is jam packed with good stuff, it's just been so busy that I literally have found myself working until 10/10:30 at night and crashing, then waking up and doing it all over again... here's the recap since last weekend:

Sunday- Awesome day, ran with SISU up in Haverhill. It's nice to start as a group and then everyone kind of breaks off depending on mileage. Steve and I ended up doing 13 miles at a super easy pace... like 8 min miles. It was nice to talk, although with a couple miles to go I had a bathroom issue... my stomach was talking like there's no tomorrow, so needless to say I had to cave and hit up the woods... the afternoon was great too! We went to Newburyport since the weather was gooooorgeous and got thai food at a restaurant we like there.

Monday- Not a bad day, but nothing too exciting to report. I had a couple of meetings and got a walk in observation from my assistant principal, but they both went fine. The workout was 75 minutes on the elliptical, plus I did the usual upper body free weights and abs.

Tuesday- Long day... we're talking an iep meeting that lasted nearly 2.5 hours! That's what happens I guess with 18 pages in the iep... it's worth it for the kids, but still, not the most fun way to end the day, plus it made me late for my meet up with Caitlyn and John at AHS track. I finally did a workout on the track! AND it wasn't so bad... of course I really am not that fast; however, here's how it went:

Warm-up: about 38 minutes 5 miles
1 4 x400 Meters 90 89, 93, 90, 87 400 each
2 1 x1600 Meters 6:40 6:36 400
3 3 x200 Meters 45 44, 44, 42 200
Cool-down: 2 miles

So the total mileage was 10.5 for the day!

Wednesday- My wicked long days. So I do this to myself, I decided to start another degree, but it definitely puts a strain on the schedule! Up at 5:30 am in the cellar to bike.... then I went to school to teach for the day. Of course I also had a meeting after school which I actually had to ask to leave early to get to my class on time. I started a new class on Wednesday night "Speech and Language Development" which I really find sooooo interesting. I loved the course in undergrad, although I am hoping the teacher is good. She seemed a little "not with it" last night...I wanted to give her a lesson on how to run a powerpoint and inform her she shouldn't just read the slides to us. It was a little discourage to see in the bottom corner too that we were only on slide 7 of 135... fortunately we didn't view them all in one night! I didn't get to bed til almost 11 last night because I was too busy with other work too, so I think that left me a little tired today.

That brings us to the present, Thursday. I woke up and thought "God I wish it were Friday." Not the case. I managed to get through the school day fine and health wise I felt great, although driving to the gym around 4 I was really tempted to just drive home and call it day... totally mental though. I resisted the temptation and went to the gym. Then while changing I thought "maybe I'll just run an easy 6 or 7" but resisted that temptation and stuck to the progression run plan. (Although I did take it easy the first mile... here it is:)
Miles: 1- 7:40
2- 7:30
Then I ran a cool down... although I timed those miles too... 6:58 and 7:30. A grand total of 10 for the day, I feel so accomplished for having done this and not just come home like it seems the majority of teachers at my school do! Leaving the school after school and calling it a day is such a waste, there's so many more hours to put to use! Speaking of which I am going to put the final 2.5 hours to my day to use now... I have homework for my course I want to get started on, planning to do, and prep for another iep review meeting tomorrow afternoon, it never ends! (At least I have survivor to keep company with while I work away!)

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Anonymous said...

Your week sounds like so similar to mine. I was just commenting to a friend that there are four things that I do in the day - sleep, teach, run, eat… there's not much variation and if there is, then one of those things suffer or are combined haha. Nice track workout! Not sure how I would have been able to sit through the IEP meeting so props to that.