Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring in my step!

Happy Spring! I started off the season right today with an 11 miler in about 79 minutes. It was so nice to feel the sun beating off the pavement, love it! I only wish it were going to stay 60 plus degrees from now on, although it's looking like it will be lowering a bit with the week coming up.
Here's the weekly recap (it seems I've been so busy that blogging has only been possible on th weekends lately).

Monday: easy cross training on the elliptical: 9 miles

Tuesday: 10.5 miles in 1:28 and change... that's a 6:56 pace, woohoo! did this as a workout too... here are the numbers:
here were the first 8 miles...
mile 1: 7:40
mile 2: 7:30
mile 3: 7:19
mile 4: 7:08
mile 5: 6:58
mile 6: 6:49
mile 7: 6:40
mile 8: 6:31

(then i did the 400s up above, followed by the "cool down..") pretty pumped that this workout took me to sub 7 average pace!

Wednesday: my easy workout day since I have class til late, this was also a half day at school and half development day, which sounds good, except i was sitting from about 1:30-8:30 (of course I got up for breaks, but my body doesn't like to be this sedentary unless I am sleeping!). Did an hour on the bike in the cellar on my trainer at 5:30 in the am.

Thursday: I did an awesome progression run on the treadmill!
Mile1- 7:30
8-6:07 then I ran another 1.5 miles as a cooldown, for a good 9.5 on the day.

Friday: Ran an easy 6 miles in 45:47... slow at a 7:37 pace. However, I then had to go back to school for the student faculy basketball game. I am actually a little sore today, I haven't played since last year's game, although I must say I was proud that I executed a pretty sweet reverse layup!

Which brings me back to today and my 11 miles... I am up to 37 miles this week, so I plan on doing around 8 tomorrow to bring me to a nice 45 for the week. I have to say that I was surprised while running though. I ran by many bikers, which I cycle too, so I have nothing against them; however, I said hi or waved to them all and not one of them responded, I wanted to say "come on people, it's spring be happy!" but no. My faith in humanity was restored though when I ran by a little old lady who was out walking. (She was cute with her big sun glasses and nose protector thing (obviously due to the sun)... but I said hi to her and waved and she gave me a big wave and smile, thank you lady!)

Well a shower is necessary now, it's so nice to be sweaty though after a run out there! Then it's work and errands all afternoon. Maybe I will relax tonight? Then again, with everything I have to do, maybe not, either way being busy is a good thing, hopefully all this work will mean good things in the future. Enjoy day one of Spring everyone! :)

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simplyrunningonfaith said...

Funny about the bikers! To break up a long run around a popular trail, I see how many people I say hi to that say hi back (or good morning). It keeps me moving and distracted haha. Good week though :)