Tuesday, March 2, 2010

who'd have thought i may enjoy speed training?

Ok so in high school I can't consider myself a true "track runner"... our team was a joke, it consisted of 9 girls, the majority of whom didn't even enjoy running... who would pretty to go for a run, then return in x amount of time. I was usually pretty much on my own and just ran, never did any "speed workouts" and still am slightly confused by many of the names of 4x 800s or 6 x200s or whatever, I still have a lot to learn. However, with a little teaching I think I will learn and the little I have learned and tried I think is actually helping!
Today was a acceleration day... here's the log from my running log:

I started off with couple easy 7:30s, then did the majority of the first 8 miles around 7:19-6:58 pace. after 8 miles i did 6 accelerations... each a minute long with 30 sec in between (i ran a 6:58 recovery pace) here are the acceleration times in min per mile:

4 @ 6:00 pace
1 @ 5:52 pace
1 @ 5:46 pace

i was happy to do bursts at less than 6 min pace splits... in time i want all 6 to be below 6 min pace, this is totally doable, i really just need more confidence... i probably could have done them all at 5:52 pace today if i had set my mind to it.
after the accelerations it brought me to like 9.4 miles, so i just ran the final .6 and included it in my overall time... even with recovery and that last cool down though sub 7 average pace for the day, woo hoo :)

Tomorrow is my super long day... I'll be up before the sun to ride my bike (on my trainer) before school... then teach my kiddos and then be a student myself until 9 tomorrow night- last class for course #1, three credits down!

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