Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jet lag

Not sure if it's jet lag or what, but I am so tired now. Literally yawned my way through school yesterday and today's long day should be interesting. Currently I am biking to get a workout in, was day. It felt good to get in some runningiles yesstrday- 8.6 and. 9 miler on Monday.
I have a presentation to give in class tonight, but honestly I am thinking more about the pillow that I can lay my head on after getting through it! Long day here I come!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wasting time

I love being efficient, and hate wasting time. I am a very patient person, yet feel impatient when there is a plane that is leaving 4 hrs before us and we can't get on, boooo. 6 hr layovers are no fun, thank goodness for wifi at the airport!
This morning we were up at 3:45 in San Jose. I showered and we grabbed some bfast to go, then caught the shuttle to the airport, which was wicked close by. San Jose was a smooth and easy airport, the one thing I thought was weird was they charge a tax for leaving the country, 26 dollars to get out? I mean you really have no choice, but it was a weird tax to me.
The first flight was really smooth and I saw "up in the air" a good movie, yet looked like ads for the plane we were on- American airlines.
We landed, went through customs, then had to claim our bags, then recheck them. Before security again we went to the food court and steve called, it was great to hear his voice for the first time in a
week! We went back through security and are now waiting near gate d 43... Boarding time is 5:40- only 3 hr 40 min to go!

Friday, April 23, 2010

White Water Rafting and the Return to Alajuela

So yesterday was our big white water trip down the Rio Savegre. It was awesome! We were with a group that left the hotel around 7:00 am. We had to drive nearly two hours to our final desination up in the mountains, but it was an interesting ride. The tour was with iguana tours and the guys taught us about some cool stuff along the way. We stopped to pick citronella plants, cinnamon, and lemon grass growing along the route. There was also a plant that is used to make the red dye that we use to color things.
Along the way we also stopped at a little restaurante to have a snack. We had freshly made blackberry juice, it was delicious. Then we continued along our route to the top and got out of the bus/van. The men then blew up the rafts and gave us our safety lesson. It was nice to have the small boats, instead of the large ones like I had when I went up in Maine. It was just Mel, the native, my dad, Kel, and I. Then we began our 13 mile journey down the river. It wasn't too difficult, but I definitely got super wet! We stopped about three fourths of the way down and got out of our boats to have fresh pina, que delicioso!!! I absolutely love the fresh pineapple and bananas here and learned from Mel that the bananas are better here because they let them ripen on the tree! In the us they are picked and shipped to us while they are green, so the natural sugars are cut off too early, I am going to miss these platanos!!
We finished the trip down the river and wound up going back to the little restaurante in El Silencio where I had a Tico style meal, a casada. I ordered the veggie casada, which was pinto beans and rice, along with a salada and wicked good papas, potatoes. Then we had to drive back to Jaco.
We returned around 5 to the hotel and had to think about dinner... surprisingly there was a Subway about a mile away, so Dad and I walked there to pick up food for the three of us... last night I was eating a Sub while watching Survivor on tv! totally didn't feel like I was in Costa Rica, it just goes to show you the change from being up in the mountains to back down in a city or town.
It actually rained last night, which was fine, we had really good weather for the trip. This morning I was super tired and sore, but we got up and went to breakfast around 6:30 where I got to have more fresh pina, platanos, and sandia... soooo good. We started the drive back to alajuela around 9:30 and got pulled over by the policia! I had to translate and asked what was wrong, but the police just say they were doing a random check... dad had to give his passport. The police said they check for armed weapons and drugs. Yikes... we were clear though!
A couple hours later we arrived in Alajuela... they drive crazy here, but this should be a good night's sleep, as the hotel seems very nice, unlike our first night. We're at the Holiday Inn Express now and it looks like we'll be going next door to Denny's for dinner, as there is really nothing else around except for a casino.
Tomorrow morning our flight takes off at 7:10.... then we're in Miami 3 hours later. Unfortunately we don't leave Miami til 6 tomorrow night, ouch... that means getting back to NY aroun 9:55 and Auburn will be early Sunday am. All in all a great trip, but I am tired and wish I could snap my fingers and be home soon! I miss my own bed... not that I don't love my sister, but sharing a bed with her for a week can be like a boxing match, even though we don't mean to harm each other!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today we're in jaco! But yesterday first... One word: amazing. Zip lining through the rainforest of costa rica has to be one of the most memorable things I've done. Not only did I fly through the air on cables, but also I did the Tarzan swing. I climbed up a 40 ft platform and jumped, of course I did have a rope tied to me, but being afraid of heights this was a big step, literally. We finished out our final day on a night hike at the chlildrens eternal rainforest reserve. It's named this because in 1986 children in Sweden bought land in costa rica by selling cookies and lemonade to help preserve the land. I still didn't see a monkey, but we did see so
e cool things last night, including a plant that is used to make a medication for parkinsons disease.
This morning we went out to breakfast at stellas, where I had some amazing fruit, the bananas and pineapple are so fresh here, it's like candy! Then we checked out and packed out to make the long trip back down the mountain, nearly one hr I
on a road thatt is more like an unpaved path. This was followed by a 2 hr drive down the pacific coast. We got here after12:30 and checkedin, not as nice as in themountains, people here are obviously less I interested in nature and more interested in their tan, but it's been nice to relax by the pool and watch the waves crash in the pacific. Since there isn't a lot we want to do right here, we are going on a white water rafting trip tomorrow! It means another bus ride and full day, but when am I going to be here again? Here's hoping to see a monkey tomorrow!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I went into the rainforest today! It was amazing! We hired a private guide fransisco, who led us through el bosque nuboso. After 8 hrs we saw some amazing things, highlights were the quetzals, bell birds, hummingbirds, and toucanettes. I also faced a fear and was up close with a tarantula! Amazing vegetation too here, so different than home. After a long day in the rain forest we came back to shower and then went to an Italian place for dinner, I had an awesome veggie pizza. The food is so fresh here! Every morning it's been fresh fruit with breakfast, I've never had so much pineapple in my life! at the lodge they make their own pineapple and guava jam, es muy delicioso!
After dinner kel, dad, and I hung out at the hotel and chatted with some people, it's nice to learn about others journeys and how they got here. Well I am going to go get ready for bed, zip lining tomorrow morning!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

wake up in costa rica

Yesterday was such a long day. We left auburn at 8 am to drive to new York. Our flight didn't leave til 3:10 then we landed in miami at 6:00. We grabbed some food, which airport food is pretty crappy and very expensive! We left Miami at 8:00 and landed in Sam Jose at 11:00, although that meant 9:00 their time. Fortunately we got our bags and then went to get our rental car, this was the first annoyance of the trip. No one was there, so I had to put my Spanish to use and made friends with Pedro, who called thr budget guy, he came in his orange shuttle and drove us to the office. We rented a gps and got our car, then annoyance 2: driving in San Jose. I navigated and dad drove around the locos. The more we drove, the sketchier it got, downtown is almost a slum. The we see the best western sign, right across from a "night club" which I think was more like a brothel and know I saw some prostitutes hanging around. We ventured in and got our room, which was fine, but don't plan on returning there and were happy to leave early this morning.
Driving to Monte verde was an adventure, I asked directions at a gas station since our gps wasn't working and some how my Spanish skills pulled through to get us going. The first 2 hrs on pavement were fine, but it was the dirt rocky road that took us to 3600 ft that was difficult. Props to dad for driving that awful bumpy hr.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Costa Rica today!!

Currently I am biking and on my iPhone, I wanted to see if I could blog fro
it.... Maybe I will get to blogging while on vacation, if anywhere ha wifi! Check back to see!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I am so exhausted, but in a good way. I love feeling tired because you've been so busy and pushed yourself and had fun and just filled up the day with positive things, leaving you feeling drained and tired, yet I wouldn't want it any other way.

Today was an awesome day... I was up in Merrimac for the Bartholomew's egg hunt, I never experienced one like this before... 172 eggs hidden! And not like just thrown out there, legit hidden... it took nearly an hour! I think this was my favorite egg hunt and I am 27 years old!

After miles of egg hunting Steve and I hit the road for some miles... 16 of them. I am so happy I ran this with him today, I don't think I would have been able to do this on my own on a hot day like today. We didn't start til noon, so the sun was already high and it was 75 degrees. It was cool to see families having barbecues on Easter, but after a while I was wishing I was sitting in one of those chairs poolside rather than on the pavement. Either way, I am glad we both pushed through it and got each other to finish, with a decent time for today of 1:58.

After running I could have crashed and don't know how Steve had the energy to play badminton... I was a spectator.

This weekend was good overall, although my midterm on Wednesday is slightly frightening me, so I feel like every free minute I have been studying my notecards, which I what I will be doing tonight, that is after I shower (I still haven't from that run, gross!) and eat (my body is still refueling from the long run!).

I hope everyone enjoyed the day and beautiful weather with their families! :)