Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today we're in jaco! But yesterday first... One word: amazing. Zip lining through the rainforest of costa rica has to be one of the most memorable things I've done. Not only did I fly through the air on cables, but also I did the Tarzan swing. I climbed up a 40 ft platform and jumped, of course I did have a rope tied to me, but being afraid of heights this was a big step, literally. We finished out our final day on a night hike at the chlildrens eternal rainforest reserve. It's named this because in 1986 children in Sweden bought land in costa rica by selling cookies and lemonade to help preserve the land. I still didn't see a monkey, but we did see so
e cool things last night, including a plant that is used to make a medication for parkinsons disease.
This morning we went out to breakfast at stellas, where I had some amazing fruit, the bananas and pineapple are so fresh here, it's like candy! Then we checked out and packed out to make the long trip back down the mountain, nearly one hr I
on a road thatt is more like an unpaved path. This was followed by a 2 hr drive down the pacific coast. We got here after12:30 and checkedin, not as nice as in themountains, people here are obviously less I interested in nature and more interested in their tan, but it's been nice to relax by the pool and watch the waves crash in the pacific. Since there isn't a lot we want to do right here, we are going on a white water rafting trip tomorrow! It means another bus ride and full day, but when am I going to be here again? Here's hoping to see a monkey tomorrow!

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