Monday, April 19, 2010


I went into the rainforest today! It was amazing! We hired a private guide fransisco, who led us through el bosque nuboso. After 8 hrs we saw some amazing things, highlights were the quetzals, bell birds, hummingbirds, and toucanettes. I also faced a fear and was up close with a tarantula! Amazing vegetation too here, so different than home. After a long day in the rain forest we came back to shower and then went to an Italian place for dinner, I had an awesome veggie pizza. The food is so fresh here! Every morning it's been fresh fruit with breakfast, I've never had so much pineapple in my life! at the lodge they make their own pineapple and guava jam, es muy delicioso!
After dinner kel, dad, and I hung out at the hotel and chatted with some people, it's nice to learn about others journeys and how they got here. Well I am going to go get ready for bed, zip lining tomorrow morning!

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