Sunday, April 18, 2010

wake up in costa rica

Yesterday was such a long day. We left auburn at 8 am to drive to new York. Our flight didn't leave til 3:10 then we landed in miami at 6:00. We grabbed some food, which airport food is pretty crappy and very expensive! We left Miami at 8:00 and landed in Sam Jose at 11:00, although that meant 9:00 their time. Fortunately we got our bags and then went to get our rental car, this was the first annoyance of the trip. No one was there, so I had to put my Spanish to use and made friends with Pedro, who called thr budget guy, he came in his orange shuttle and drove us to the office. We rented a gps and got our car, then annoyance 2: driving in San Jose. I navigated and dad drove around the locos. The more we drove, the sketchier it got, downtown is almost a slum. The we see the best western sign, right across from a "night club" which I think was more like a brothel and know I saw some prostitutes hanging around. We ventured in and got our room, which was fine, but don't plan on returning there and were happy to leave early this morning.
Driving to Monte verde was an adventure, I asked directions at a gas station since our gps wasn't working and some how my Spanish skills pulled through to get us going. The first 2 hrs on pavement were fine, but it was the dirt rocky road that took us to 3600 ft that was difficult. Props to dad for driving that awful bumpy hr.

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