Friday, April 23, 2010

White Water Rafting and the Return to Alajuela

So yesterday was our big white water trip down the Rio Savegre. It was awesome! We were with a group that left the hotel around 7:00 am. We had to drive nearly two hours to our final desination up in the mountains, but it was an interesting ride. The tour was with iguana tours and the guys taught us about some cool stuff along the way. We stopped to pick citronella plants, cinnamon, and lemon grass growing along the route. There was also a plant that is used to make the red dye that we use to color things.
Along the way we also stopped at a little restaurante to have a snack. We had freshly made blackberry juice, it was delicious. Then we continued along our route to the top and got out of the bus/van. The men then blew up the rafts and gave us our safety lesson. It was nice to have the small boats, instead of the large ones like I had when I went up in Maine. It was just Mel, the native, my dad, Kel, and I. Then we began our 13 mile journey down the river. It wasn't too difficult, but I definitely got super wet! We stopped about three fourths of the way down and got out of our boats to have fresh pina, que delicioso!!! I absolutely love the fresh pineapple and bananas here and learned from Mel that the bananas are better here because they let them ripen on the tree! In the us they are picked and shipped to us while they are green, so the natural sugars are cut off too early, I am going to miss these platanos!!
We finished the trip down the river and wound up going back to the little restaurante in El Silencio where I had a Tico style meal, a casada. I ordered the veggie casada, which was pinto beans and rice, along with a salada and wicked good papas, potatoes. Then we had to drive back to Jaco.
We returned around 5 to the hotel and had to think about dinner... surprisingly there was a Subway about a mile away, so Dad and I walked there to pick up food for the three of us... last night I was eating a Sub while watching Survivor on tv! totally didn't feel like I was in Costa Rica, it just goes to show you the change from being up in the mountains to back down in a city or town.
It actually rained last night, which was fine, we had really good weather for the trip. This morning I was super tired and sore, but we got up and went to breakfast around 6:30 where I got to have more fresh pina, platanos, and sandia... soooo good. We started the drive back to alajuela around 9:30 and got pulled over by the policia! I had to translate and asked what was wrong, but the police just say they were doing a random check... dad had to give his passport. The police said they check for armed weapons and drugs. Yikes... we were clear though!
A couple hours later we arrived in Alajuela... they drive crazy here, but this should be a good night's sleep, as the hotel seems very nice, unlike our first night. We're at the Holiday Inn Express now and it looks like we'll be going next door to Denny's for dinner, as there is really nothing else around except for a casino.
Tomorrow morning our flight takes off at 7:10.... then we're in Miami 3 hours later. Unfortunately we don't leave Miami til 6 tomorrow night, ouch... that means getting back to NY aroun 9:55 and Auburn will be early Sunday am. All in all a great trip, but I am tired and wish I could snap my fingers and be home soon! I miss my own bed... not that I don't love my sister, but sharing a bed with her for a week can be like a boxing match, even though we don't mean to harm each other!

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