Thursday, May 27, 2010

sometimes the tough decision is the right one

I have been planning and training for the Vermont Marathon for months, yet don't think I will be a racer of it on Sunday. My knee isn't killing me, only sore, especially when I run on it. I don't think there is anything majorly wrong, just a level 1 injury, which I think I can let heal on its own with some cross training/ strength training followed by ice. However, after much deliberation and yes a few tears, I am pretty sure that I will not be toeing the line on Sunday morning.
I still am planning on bringing my running shoes, but at this point I don't think it's really worth it to risk increasing the level of the injury (it's not like this is a 5k... I ran 5 miles on it the other day and can still walk now... but this is 26.2 miles...) I'm afraid that my stubborn self will want to start this and then be determined to finish and further hurt myself.
Trying to think positively I am going to look at the bright side... I am still able to cross train, so I can satisfy my need to get my energy out in some way. I am hopeful that a couple weeks of cross training will allow for less pounding on my knee and will hopefully let whatever is lurking in there to settle down. I'm thinking the new shoes will be an improvement too in absorbing any shock of the impact.
As for today I was able to elliptical for an hour, then I did some ab work. I also did push ups and planks for the first time in a while. I really need to get back into yoga and want to find out when my gym has class next week to try to fit it in, if not I can also bust out the wii fit again for some yoga in my room!
Not running Sunday isn't the end of the world... there will be more races, some of them marathons, and many many more runs!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Be Positive, Be Realistic

These are two things I am trying to be for the marathon on Sunday- positive and realistic. Okay so we know I am a dope and I ran in shoes too long and gave myself knee pain. I've accepted that. What I haven't accepted is that I ran 5 miles today around 7:10 pace, but there was a constant ache in my right knee, not exactly where it was before, now it's more where I have osgood schlatter's from when I was teen, yet it never fixed itself like my doctor said it would.
The good news is I was able to run the whole 5 miles today like I set out to do,the bad news is I really want it to feel like perfect. I realize this may or may not happen, but I am going to not workout tomorrow (I have class after teaching all day, so this makes it easy)... then may even take Thursday or Friday off too. I really think I can afford to not work out and hope that the rest will ease whatever is acting up?!?! I iced my knee after the run and will do so again later. I even took an ibuprofren, which I hate doing (I am usually an anti-meds girl) but I am desperate and really trying to do the little things I can do to be good to go this weekend!
We'll see how things progress over the next couple of days, fingers crossed that the knee is okay and I can just forget about and enjoy the 26.2 miles. At this point a fun run would really be great, where I could enjoy it and take in Vermont!
As far as what I've learned from this, I've definitely learned a few things:
1. When in "serious" training I can't run in shoes longer than 4 months.
2. I really want to do more yoga, I haven't done it since the fall and miss it... you better believe I will be doing yoga come this summer when school is out.
3. I want to be working out for fun again! Yes, there is a reward to training for a marathon, but I am ready for a break from it!
4. I think the half-marathon is the perfect race for me and one that I want to work at in the future, after giving myself a rest. My body takes the training a lot better and my tummy can handle the pounding and "settling" for the long training runs of around 15 miles better than the 17-20 milers in the marathon training.
5. I need to have more confidence in my running abilities. Part of me thinks that if I can focus on the half, which I am somewhat decent at it will lead to more confidence in my running across different distances.
There are more things I've been thinking about lately too, but I'll stick with 5 things I learned, seems like a good number (maybe it's because I assigned my student to write 5 rain forest facts this afternoon and I have it in my head still?)
Speaking of school, there are now 17 days left... and I can't wait to be done. Granted the end of the year is fun, but I feel SO stressed lately (which is why I think I need to start yoga next week!)... between the end of this school/ thinking about the uncertainties of next year and this race on Sunday my head is ready to explode!!!!!!! At least I have Glee to look forward to watching this evening... I can escape for an hour!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend update

(This pic is 6 years ago!... Happy birthday Pepere!)
Usually on a nice weekend I would have spent most of it outdoors running, but that's not the case. Maybe I am being too cautious, but I am determined to have fun and run the Vermont marathon next weekend.
Yesterday I did 8 miles on the elliptical and today I did 12- good news, no l knee pain today and that's without any icing or ibuprofren too. Since I'm trying to stay low and relax I've also caught up on tv I don't have time to during the week, thank you hulu! My newest favorite show is "parenthood" and "glee" is in second. One of the sons in parenthood has autism, so the situations in it I can relate to because of my students. Watching glee really makes me wish I had some vocal talent, although I wouldn't trade the ability to run for the ability to sing!
As for the rest of my weekend, I think I am actually going to get out of my slippers soon and do a little shopping soon, some for necessity, some for pleasure! I need to finish up planning some lessons this afternoon, but I got my coursework done yesterday! Oh yeah and did I mention I only have 19 days left of teaching this year!? I can't believe it's almost been 6 full years!!
Back to the rest of today, it's my pepere 87th birthday tomorrow, so we're having a little celebration this evening. Sadly this is more than likely his last birthday, as his health is declining and will no longer be given any more meds- between parkinsons and alzheimers he really is no longer the grandfather I once knew. It's sad that hasn't known who I have been for the past couple of years. How can one really call his life "living" anymore? He's confined to a chair or a bed. He can't walk. He can't eat solid food (which used to be a hobby, he's the self proclaimed strawberry shortcake eating champion!) He doesn't realize what is going on and can't even verbalized a complete sentence. I still have the memories of him growing up- he and my memere used to babysit my siblings and I when the rents went out. I'll never forget discovering their dentures on the counter of my bathroom, traumatizing for a 7 year old to see!
Life really comes full circle and his life on earth is coming to a close, so it will be good to enjoy some time with him and my family this evening, as this may be his last birthday cake.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

pain in the neck... actually KNEE.

Ok so I don't know why I do this to myself... I know that I can't run in shoes for over 4 months, yet think it's different now, why?! Maybe I am just being cheap and didn't want to splurge another easy 100 bucks for another pair, but regardless, I had no choice but to cave.
So I ran in the new shoes today and only did 6 miles. I think I could have run more, but I actually stopped twice because it was sort of twinging me, so I wanted to check it out. It looked ok... no swelling, no obvious stuff wrong, so I finished 6 then did some abs.
During dinner I just iced my knee to be preventative... the same thing happened like a week earlier in my training for the hartford marathon, I kick up the mileage a bit, then I get a slight problem. I REALLY hope that not running tomorrow or Friday, prob just ellipticalling will be the cure for this and I can continue with the tapering next week, then be good to go next weekend in Vermont.
I am now at that stage where "I just want to get this marathon over"... which isn't a good state of mind to be in, yet a reality nonetheless. I am trying to stay positive and think, ok Julie, just rest a bit, not overkill it, you have the mileage base for sure and have done it before, you'll be fine. Easier to talk to myself than listen though! Either way, I have a qualifying time for Boston next year, I really hope I can just be healthy, relax, and enjoy the weekend in Vermont with Steve and the rents! Although I am already looking forward to just crossing that finish line for more reasons than one!
I don't think I will try another marathon this year, I really want to take some time after this one and just have fun working out for a while/ give my body a rest! I am kind of happy I didn't volunteer to teach summer school this summer, I am getting an overall sense of burn out with teaching, training, and being a grad student all at one time. While I love living each day to the fullest and trying to do as much as I can, sometimes I would just love it if life had a "pause" button... just a little time for me to catch my breath and maybe catch up on some sleep? Maybe not, at least I am really good at keeping a busy schedule going... as for that busy schedule, I have some school work in my bag calling my name, which I want to go answer so maybe tonight I won't be up til 11 like last night!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday twist

So Tuesday has a twist this week, I have class tonight, I am only hoping this doesn't make the week seem longer! Currently I on my bike in the cellar to get in an hour before getting ready for school. I must admit I enjoy getting this in beforey work day begins, but I also love my sleep when I can get it!
As for yesterday, it turned into a day off. I was a little worried after the run sunday when I had a twinge in my right knee. I ran through it but realized when I woke up that it still was sore. I did some analyzing and determined that the source was I need new shoes, usually around 4 months in I get shin or knee pain which means buy new shoes dumbie!
I had THE fun docs appt yesterday, ugh sooooo hate that annual obgyn visit! But after getting it done I used a trip to pr running as my reward! I really want to try some mizunos next but was advised to stick to the Nike triax structure with the marathon only 2 weeks away. By the time I got home i was hungry, had dinner, and then it was 7, so I thought this is a sign, take it easy! Plus I knew I'd be up a 5:30 to workout out and it's pre race tapering so I think I made the right choice. Pretty sure in June or July I am going to buy some new shoes just to mix it up though!
Happy that I have a prep today to at least give me a midday break! 23 days of teaching left this year, almost done my 6 th year of teachi g, wow!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

11.22 and family party

Todays run wasn't super long, but that's the plan with the marathon in 2 weeks. I ran 11.22 in 82 minutes, which is 7:19 pace, more or less the pace I'd like for the marathon. All in all a good run, but had to go to the bathroom upon finishing this at my house
. I really should do a low fiber trial run diet next weekend to prep for Vermont. I am in good shape but that's the only factor holding me back from doing what I need to do.
I also got my course work done this morning and I am currently at my cousins house since my youngest cousin made his first communion today- the youngest cousin of all 29 of us! Yes that is first cousins there, we're lucky to have a big fam, makes for fun parties, but we can definitely get a little loud!!
Today is another gorgeous day, I swear this sun just makes me happy! I am sitting watching my cousins play bball and wiffle ball and loving the sun!
Busy week coming up, after leaving here I gotta do an errand and then a little lesson planning. I've been teaching my studnts all about fairy tales, which I love! And this week I am going to have them start to write their own, this means I need a very structured plan so they will be successful and hopefully write some great stories! And they all lived happily ever after, the end.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

2 weeks to go

So this picture is me post marathon in the fall... I hope this is how we look in 2 weeks too! :)

Ok, I know I haven't written in a while and I think it's because I have been busy and slightly stressed. I feel like I shouldn't write when I am stressed out because I will write something that isn't as positive as it should be; however, I was also thinking that writing helps to relieve stress, so I thought that writing today would be a good idea.
So lately things haven't been going poorly, just not as ideal as I'd like them to be. Some of it hopefully will pan out over the summer and I will have more of an idea of where my life will be at come the fall, but I guess I have to realize that some things are out of my hands and I just have to have faith that things will work out for a reason. If I could have anything really work out, it would be that Stevin is given the full time position of video productions teacher, he is putting so much time and energy into doing an amazing job and I really hope the position stays and becomes his! I went up to his school on Thursday to visit him and see the arts festival and I could tell that he's really proud of his kids' work, which he should be since it's really good! It was nice to see his colleagues too and meet some of his students. I only wish we were closer to each other so we could spend more time together... but I won't go there right now, be positive and realize I am lucky to have him, even if it's only the one time a week we get to see each other :)
So as the title of this entry shows, I have 2 weeks to go til the vermont city marathon. Training hasn't been bad, but last week's long run was supposed to be 20 miles around 7:20 pace... unfortunately I had to stop at 17 due to something funky going on with my stomach. I won't go into details, but I don't think the fajita style wrap I ate the night before really settled all that well... I guess if anything I learned that the day before a long run I need to eat more low fiber foods. I felt bad making Steve have to stop too, since we ran together... then we had to walk about 4.5 miles to get back to his house, which was not a fun walk! But this week of training has gone better than that day.
Today's run I felt great, although I didn't push it. I was planning on going around 8 miles easy and ended up doing 9.63 in about 71 minutes for a 7:22 pace. It's a really nice day, although very windy when I was running. I really hope I can keep it all together and be good to go in 2 weeks in vermont. I already have a qualifying time for boston next year... but I'd like to run around 3:15 which I know I am capable of doing.
As for the rest of the day, I get to spend it doing work and watching some baseball. By work I mean reading and reading and reading for course #3 in my CAGS degree... and as for watching baseball I mean watching 8 and 9 year olds... 6 of the boys in my class have a game later and I told them I would try to go watch. Three of them are on one team, three on the other, so I have to stay neutral, aren't I a good teacher?
Well time to get reading, although that may lead to a little pre-game nap!
I definitely feel better after writing today... maybe if I just sit down and do this more frequently I would feel better daily? Sounds like a plan to me.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Already?!

Ok so I know I haven't posted in a week or so... but this past week was brutal getting back into the busy routine after being so tired from an amazing week in Costa Rica. I am not enjoying being back in the air where my allergies act up, it was so pure up there in the rainforest, I want to go back! Although it is good to be back in reality and back to my daily routine too.
This weekend I finally got things pretty much back on track and rounded out the week for a decent mileage total of 46 miles this week, a lot better than last week! Yesterday's run was a good 12.5 miles in 1:27 for an even 7 minute mile pace. I finally got to see Stevin again too which was long overdue, but our schedules have been so hectic lately that I understand we have to make the best of the situation and in time hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of each other... fingers crossed.
It seems like I am still catching up on lost sleep from the trip... we were up almost everyday by 6 am... sometime by 5 am to get a full day in, which definitely wiped me out. I've been trying to get to bed earlier and last night was in bed by 9:30, which seems to help take the edge off, so I am going to try to do the same again this week and hopefully will balance out. I also need to rest up so I can get in a 20 miler or so long run this upcoming weekend, the Vermont marathon is at the end of the month and I need to be prepared... May 30th is going to be here quick!
In other news, I got a new student today, surprise! The principal showed up at my door just before lunch with the girl and her parents, fortunately she's not officially starting until tomorrow, so I had time after school to get a few things ready for her for tomorrow. It can be a little tedious, but at the same time sometimes changing the chemistry of the group can be a good thing. She seems like a sweet little girl, although I feel bad since she said this is the 5th school she'll have been in so far, that's way too much for a child to move around. I am wondering what baggage that means she's bringing with her and only hope that our class will be a positive learning environment for her!
Also, more additions, one of my best friends had her baby today, a beautiful baby girl!
Well I am wiped again, but need to do some work for school tomorrow, plus all the fun of getting ready for the day... iron, lunch making, etc. I can't believe it's already May though... less than 7 weeks left of school, what?!
Here's a couple of pics from the trip last week!