Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Be Positive, Be Realistic

These are two things I am trying to be for the marathon on Sunday- positive and realistic. Okay so we know I am a dope and I ran in shoes too long and gave myself knee pain. I've accepted that. What I haven't accepted is that I ran 5 miles today around 7:10 pace, but there was a constant ache in my right knee, not exactly where it was before, now it's more where I have osgood schlatter's from when I was teen, yet it never fixed itself like my doctor said it would.
The good news is I was able to run the whole 5 miles today like I set out to do,the bad news is I really want it to feel like perfect. I realize this may or may not happen, but I am going to not workout tomorrow (I have class after teaching all day, so this makes it easy)... then may even take Thursday or Friday off too. I really think I can afford to not work out and hope that the rest will ease whatever is acting up?!?! I iced my knee after the run and will do so again later. I even took an ibuprofren, which I hate doing (I am usually an anti-meds girl) but I am desperate and really trying to do the little things I can do to be good to go this weekend!
We'll see how things progress over the next couple of days, fingers crossed that the knee is okay and I can just forget about and enjoy the 26.2 miles. At this point a fun run would really be great, where I could enjoy it and take in Vermont!
As far as what I've learned from this, I've definitely learned a few things:
1. When in "serious" training I can't run in shoes longer than 4 months.
2. I really want to do more yoga, I haven't done it since the fall and miss it... you better believe I will be doing yoga come this summer when school is out.
3. I want to be working out for fun again! Yes, there is a reward to training for a marathon, but I am ready for a break from it!
4. I think the half-marathon is the perfect race for me and one that I want to work at in the future, after giving myself a rest. My body takes the training a lot better and my tummy can handle the pounding and "settling" for the long training runs of around 15 miles better than the 17-20 milers in the marathon training.
5. I need to have more confidence in my running abilities. Part of me thinks that if I can focus on the half, which I am somewhat decent at it will lead to more confidence in my running across different distances.
There are more things I've been thinking about lately too, but I'll stick with 5 things I learned, seems like a good number (maybe it's because I assigned my student to write 5 rain forest facts this afternoon and I have it in my head still?)
Speaking of school, there are now 17 days left... and I can't wait to be done. Granted the end of the year is fun, but I feel SO stressed lately (which is why I think I need to start yoga next week!)... between the end of this school/ thinking about the uncertainties of next year and this race on Sunday my head is ready to explode!!!!!!! At least I have Glee to look forward to watching this evening... I can escape for an hour!

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