Wednesday, May 19, 2010

pain in the neck... actually KNEE.

Ok so I don't know why I do this to myself... I know that I can't run in shoes for over 4 months, yet think it's different now, why?! Maybe I am just being cheap and didn't want to splurge another easy 100 bucks for another pair, but regardless, I had no choice but to cave.
So I ran in the new shoes today and only did 6 miles. I think I could have run more, but I actually stopped twice because it was sort of twinging me, so I wanted to check it out. It looked ok... no swelling, no obvious stuff wrong, so I finished 6 then did some abs.
During dinner I just iced my knee to be preventative... the same thing happened like a week earlier in my training for the hartford marathon, I kick up the mileage a bit, then I get a slight problem. I REALLY hope that not running tomorrow or Friday, prob just ellipticalling will be the cure for this and I can continue with the tapering next week, then be good to go next weekend in Vermont.
I am now at that stage where "I just want to get this marathon over"... which isn't a good state of mind to be in, yet a reality nonetheless. I am trying to stay positive and think, ok Julie, just rest a bit, not overkill it, you have the mileage base for sure and have done it before, you'll be fine. Easier to talk to myself than listen though! Either way, I have a qualifying time for Boston next year, I really hope I can just be healthy, relax, and enjoy the weekend in Vermont with Steve and the rents! Although I am already looking forward to just crossing that finish line for more reasons than one!
I don't think I will try another marathon this year, I really want to take some time after this one and just have fun working out for a while/ give my body a rest! I am kind of happy I didn't volunteer to teach summer school this summer, I am getting an overall sense of burn out with teaching, training, and being a grad student all at one time. While I love living each day to the fullest and trying to do as much as I can, sometimes I would just love it if life had a "pause" button... just a little time for me to catch my breath and maybe catch up on some sleep? Maybe not, at least I am really good at keeping a busy schedule going... as for that busy schedule, I have some school work in my bag calling my name, which I want to go answer so maybe tonight I won't be up til 11 like last night!

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