Thursday, May 27, 2010

sometimes the tough decision is the right one

I have been planning and training for the Vermont Marathon for months, yet don't think I will be a racer of it on Sunday. My knee isn't killing me, only sore, especially when I run on it. I don't think there is anything majorly wrong, just a level 1 injury, which I think I can let heal on its own with some cross training/ strength training followed by ice. However, after much deliberation and yes a few tears, I am pretty sure that I will not be toeing the line on Sunday morning.
I still am planning on bringing my running shoes, but at this point I don't think it's really worth it to risk increasing the level of the injury (it's not like this is a 5k... I ran 5 miles on it the other day and can still walk now... but this is 26.2 miles...) I'm afraid that my stubborn self will want to start this and then be determined to finish and further hurt myself.
Trying to think positively I am going to look at the bright side... I am still able to cross train, so I can satisfy my need to get my energy out in some way. I am hopeful that a couple weeks of cross training will allow for less pounding on my knee and will hopefully let whatever is lurking in there to settle down. I'm thinking the new shoes will be an improvement too in absorbing any shock of the impact.
As for today I was able to elliptical for an hour, then I did some ab work. I also did push ups and planks for the first time in a while. I really need to get back into yoga and want to find out when my gym has class next week to try to fit it in, if not I can also bust out the wii fit again for some yoga in my room!
Not running Sunday isn't the end of the world... there will be more races, some of them marathons, and many many more runs!


jbartlett said...

Don't end up like me...I find out next week if they have to go in and fix my knee.

Look for exercises that target the hips and the VMO muscle...these might help. Good luck! I envy your smartness!

Caitlyn Clark said...


Sorry Julie! I know you've worked so hard! But it's so good that you are going to listen to your body! You've already got your Boston Qualifier, and there are plenty of marathons and races in between now and then.

Hopefully we can get a team to go up to Vermont for the Stowe 8 miler this year so you get to actually toe a race in Vermont soon!


Anonymous said...

I can understand the set back felt when you have trained and things don't work out as you had imagined in the beginning. I liked reading your other post about things you have learned especially the exercising for fun part!! So crucial. Exercising should be a source of stress relief, not burden. Three cheers for school almost being out!