Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday twist

So Tuesday has a twist this week, I have class tonight, I am only hoping this doesn't make the week seem longer! Currently I on my bike in the cellar to get in an hour before getting ready for school. I must admit I enjoy getting this in beforey work day begins, but I also love my sleep when I can get it!
As for yesterday, it turned into a day off. I was a little worried after the run sunday when I had a twinge in my right knee. I ran through it but realized when I woke up that it still was sore. I did some analyzing and determined that the source was I need new shoes, usually around 4 months in I get shin or knee pain which means buy new shoes dumbie!
I had THE fun docs appt yesterday, ugh sooooo hate that annual obgyn visit! But after getting it done I used a trip to pr running as my reward! I really want to try some mizunos next but was advised to stick to the Nike triax structure with the marathon only 2 weeks away. By the time I got home i was hungry, had dinner, and then it was 7, so I thought this is a sign, take it easy! Plus I knew I'd be up a 5:30 to workout out and it's pre race tapering so I think I made the right choice. Pretty sure in June or July I am going to buy some new shoes just to mix it up though!
Happy that I have a prep today to at least give me a midday break! 23 days of teaching left this year, almost done my 6 th year of teachi g, wow!
Happy Tuesday!

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