Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Checking off the Tuesday To-Do List

I am a to-do list girl. I like to have a list of things to get done, just for the satisfaction of being able to cross off the things on the list!
Today's to-do list consisted of:
-doing laundry
-folding laundry
-gym workout
-work on/ finish final paper for reading course
-exchange something at the mall

I am proud to say that it's not quite dinner time and I have accomplished all things on the list... check them all off!

Unfortunately my list didn't contain running on it, I think that has to remain on hold as my knee was sore after the mile I ran on it yesterday... boooo. But I'm staying positive and happy that I can walk around, elliptical, and bike without it hurting me!

I am pretty sure that I am going to do a yoga class tomorrow am, as long as I sleep well tonight and I'm able to drag my butt out of bed!

On a side note I heard one of my favorite songs today at the gym while working out... it's been in my head all day "Don't stop believing..."

On another side note, with my extra free time I am doing something that I told myself I wanted to do more of: READ!! for fun that is... randomly my mom needed to go the library yesterday, so I went with her. I was checking out the wall of "new books" and saw one that looked good... yes, I sometimes judge a book by it's cover! It's called "You Had me at Goodbye"... I sat twice with it yesterday and ended up reading 222 pages! I have less than 50 left, so I plan on finishing it tonight. It's a three part series (of which this is the second book, oops!) so I think i'll be reading them out of order.

Time to go get cooking in the kitchen... then hopefully finishing up my book to finish off a good Tuesday! :)

Here's the cover of the book: it's about a 30 year old living in nyc... while I don't live in nyc, I can definitely relate to her on some levels. If you're looking for some good "chick lit" check it out!

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