Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello Summer Vacation and Last Day of Spring!

Ok, so I have kind of slacked off in the blogging department over the past couple of weeks, although I can justify that... aka I have made up excuses for myself.

First, let's talk about school. The end of the school year seems to always be ridiculously crazyyyyy. There's the usual end of the year assessments to get done, last minute meetings the parents request because they realize that fourth grade is a big step up from third, school business to take care of, and the daunting task of putting away everything that you use to teach with during the year... I have accumulated (bought) so many books over the past 6 years that the idea of storing away my classroom library was looming in my head, although I am happy to report that I successfully moved it all to counters/ window sills around my room and bagged it all up to prevent it from getting super dusty over the's what it looked like before:

That's actually only half of it... there are two more big bookcases full of books that I had to empty out too, major project, but it's done!!

Not only has school been a lot of work, but my knee has caused a lot of extra stress in my head... however, I can proudly say that I managed to cross train daily and I think that tomorrow is the big day to test out a short run! I just was at the gym today and managed to do just over 12 miles on the elliptical in 90 minutes... so my fitness hasn't suffered, unfortunately I just haven't been able to run! Here's hoping that changes tomorrow on the first day of summer!

Other things as of late were the potential of switching jobs... yes I was going to relocate and thought I had landed a third grade job elsewhere (I'll keep that nameless for now)... even met with the superintendent, taught a demo lesson for a panel of teachers, parents, etc. and was in close contact with them, however, due to stupid politics I then got dropped like a bad habit... after not hearing from them for 13 days! I can understand if people change their minds or whatever, but to just all of a sudden not return any of my phone calls or emails, I consider that to be rude and unprofessional.

Now that that complaining is over, let me be a little more positive! I am thrilled to be on summer vacation and won't be teaching this summer, I need a break and it couldn't come at a better time! I have loved the nice weather as of late and hope it keeps up!

Today is Father's Day and I can say I am lucky to have such a great dad. True, at times he can be a little to strict/not realize that I am no longer his little girl, but rather an (almost) 28 year old, but I love him dearly and am happy to spend the day with him today. Also, I'm excited for him as he is going to try to start running again next week and hope he gets back into it! (He was my inspiration to start running and run my first marathon.) I watched him run Boston when I was about 9 years old and told him that someday I am going to run it too... which will hopefully be the case in April 2011!

Happy Father's Day!

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