Sunday, June 27, 2010

listen to your heart

Ok so the recent sadness is frustration with relationship issues... and I'm not going into detail in blogland...

I did however, have a MUCH better day yesterday with my sister! She lives in Somerville, so I went out there yesterday am to spend the day with her! ( I did manage to squeeze in 15 miles on my bike before heading off!) We walked into Davis Square, then took the T into the city :) There's something about walking around among the hustle and bustle of the city on a nice summer day that can really just clear your mind. Plus my sister can be super easy going and the perfect remedy for a bad day!

We walked up and down Newbury Street and went into a bunch of stores. Some things I definitely liked, but really could justify paying some of the prices! YIKES! I could never afford to live there! It was still super fun though. In addition to a necessary Dunkin stop we also went out to lunch. Instead of a fancy restaurant we went to more of a deli/ market type place. It was really cool inside! Lots of fresh organic fruits and veggies! They had a fruit and veggie salad bar, which is what I hit up for my meal while my sis opted for a wrap, which looked really good too! She go the mozzarella, tomato and pesto wrap... even though I'm not a mozzarella fan it looked really good and super fresh! While we ate we chatted, which was much needed... I've been keeping A LOT built up inside of me and it was so nice to just let it out and hear her opinion of it all too. But lunch wasn't all that serious... we also played a fun 1, 2, 3, game, haha! I won't go into the details of that one right now...

After vegging out (haha) we decided we should continue our stroll... we went around the city a bit more before heading back to the T and finally back to Davis. Sometimes I actually think I'd like to live in the city, you can be so much more pedestrian! Just in our little adventure I'd say we walked 4 miles, easy! Although flip flops probably weren't the best shoes to wear, but that's another story.

Getting back to her apartment our cousin Chrissy was home. (She's going to Ecuador in two days for the rest of the summer, so it was good to chat with her!) We hung out while she baked some cookies, then hit up the yard for a little Ladder Ball. This is a fun lawn game, kind of like a corn hole... but a little different. I lost, but for the first time, not bad! She wants to set up a tournament at the end of the summer, which would be super fun! This is the "equipment" for the game... basically you toss the balls on a string at the opposite goal thingy... and you want them to hang off a rung... if they do you get three points for the top, two for the middle, and one for the bottom. First person to 21 points wins... but you have to get exactly 21.

Shortly after that the third roomie, our other cousin, Elaine returned from work and we watched the end of the world cup game... boo USA lost, but still an exciting ending! I'll have to cheer for Spain now, since they're like my second home, I did live there for almost half a year!

All good things must come to an end... and I was tired from a long day, so I came home early yesterday evening, to do more thinking and a little reading.

Despite the recent frustrations, I am happy with the way I am handling it, I've been able to express my feelings and opinions, as for what will happen, I don't know at this point, I've given my thoughts and it's kind of out of my hands now. I really like being in control of things by nature, but I'm learning that some things you can't control, you just have to listen to heart, say how you feel, and then see what happens. Lately I've realized that everything happens for a reason, so whatever happens I'm sure there is an overlying reason for it happening and things will work out for the best. In the meantime, I need to just keep being the best person I can be and enjoy my summer.

And I did this morning! I had a relaxing cup of tea with breakfast and read the paper... although the Sunday crossword is always super hard, maybe that should be another goal of mine, to get like 75% of it done sometime this summer! Anyway, I went to the gym for a solid workout... still not running, but managed 12.6 miles on the elliptical in 1 hr 30 minutes! (That's a 7:08 pace, woot woot!)... well I've run faster for a half marathon, but still, at least I got a good sweat out and read part of the next series I've started bye Sophie Kinsella... the Shopaholic series... not my stereotypical reading, but wicked easy and fun. I told my sister yesterday the main character totally reminds me of her! She justifies buying things on sale because it's like she's making money... my sis does the same thing.
I bought this the other day at Barnes and Noble... then got the remaining books at the library since I read the book in about 3 hours and didn't feel like spending more money...

Time to get a few things done to finish off the weekend! I have to go fill out some paper work so I can attend a conference mid July that my district is actually paying for me to go to, score! Perhaps some food shopping may be in order too since I haven't done that this week! Happy Sunday all!

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