Monday, June 28, 2010

things happen for a reason

When you're going through something sometimes you don't realize why it's happening... but then time later reflecting back on it it can be so clear. I'm still in the clouds a bit right now, but there is some clarity coming out of it.

Looking back to the beginning of June I realize now that the reason I didn't get the position I thought was a shoe-in was because if I had quit my job in Paxton and moved closer to the Merrimack area, then I would be quite lonely right now. The main reason I wanted to relocate was to be closer to my bf; however, this weekend things between us (relationship-wise) are over.

I don't plan to reveal it here, but after not hearing from him from a week I knew things were going sour. I gave so much, but he was preoccupied with other things... I don't consider myself to ask much, but in a relationship even just a phone call would be nice. (And I don't mean not talking for a week, then getting a sympathy call on my birthday.)

So the start of being 28 hasn't been the greatest... but who cares, I am actually kind of relieved in a way that we were able to handle it maturely and rationally... while it's not where I pictured myself being a couple of months ago, things change... you can be upset and feel sorry for yourself or you can take advantage of the opportunity and make yourself happy.. and that's what I've been doing!!!

To start the day off right I spent the morning at the gym :) I did 65 minutes on the elliptical... 9.07 miles! Then went to Body Flow class for an hour combo of yoga, tai chi, pilates, and meditation at the end. My mind was wandering during the meditation, but other than that it was great!

As for the rest of the day I have some random errands to run, but then want to read outside... lately I've grown quite fond of the patio that my mom and I built several years ago... so I plan on putting my feet up and getting lost in a book while catching some rays! I don't think it's possible to have a case of the Mondays while you're on summer vacation!

First things first though... time for some food!!!

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