Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blogging on the bike

So I am on my bike right now, just warming up... Don't worry it's on my trainer in the cellar, so I won't crash! I felt like an easier work out this morning after a long day yesterday, plus I've been doing the elliptical everyday so I think it's good to mix it up a bit. Todays plan is to do 75 to 90 minutes on the bike, depending on how long I can last! I think I should be good to do the full 90 mnutes though. With the longsjo race this weekend it definitely inspires me to hit the saddle!

Good news... I am done with classes til the end of august! And I got an a on my final presentation last week! The only downer to last nights class is it went late... We're supposed to get out at 9 pm and had to stay til about 9:20 because the prof had bad timing and pacing and people still had to finish their presentations, oh well. I got to sleep in this morning since I didn't end up hitting the hay til after 11 which is late for me! The problem was I got home around 9:45 and was hungry, so I had to eat before bed... Yogurt with blueberries and some fresh wheat bread did the trick! I know people say it's not good to eat right before bed, but I sleep better sometimes with a late night snack... I like to pace my eating over the day and never eat a huge meal.

So what's up for today? I am going to hit up my Alma mater, stonehill for a little visit, they've made so many changes and I want to check it out. Plus it's a good reason to spend the afternoon with my mom and we're going to do some shopping on our way home. She's going to Italy in a few weeks, so she has some things she needs to buy.

Tonight is also a Glee night! I love that they are reshowing all of the episodes because I'm too busy for tv during the school year, so I can catch up now! I really am not a tv junkie, but there are some shows I tend to get hooked on, especially when I have the time!

Other than that, I don't know... Still getting used to the less- rigid schedule, but seem to be doing fairly well. Happy July! :)

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