Friday, July 16, 2010

breaking the pattern

Ok, so for years I only wore Nike running shoes. I have narrow feet and they just work for me... or so I thought.
Recently I just haven't been happy with them... and I think they're part of the reason that I had a minor knee injury. I ran in them yesterday and was able to do an easy 5 mile in 38:00, but still, I just felt like there's not enough support in them any more. It's not like I am a really big person and require tons of support, but perhaps over the years I've become more of an aggressive runner and I'm pushing off the pavement now more than I used to when I started 6 years ago with my casual trot. Either way...I decided to break the pattern of Nike Air Triax or Air Structure yesterday.
I went to pr running in westboro and Andrea did a gait analysis on me... nothing I didn't know, but I tried on I think 7 different pairs of shoes from Brooks to Mizuno to Adidas... and finally settled on the Asics 2150s.

I like this shade of blue!

I wore them this morning for my elliptical routine and am happy to say that 10.8 miles in 80 minutes later they are comfortable and supportive. I also have always thought I'm a size 7... which fits me but 7.5 actually gives me a little extra room... maybe now my toes won't crush into each other and I won't get as many bloody socks?! (yes, I do cut my toenails...)
In addition to yesterday's run, I also got in a decent easy bike ride last night. I've started riding with a group and they met up last night... it was nice to ride with about 10 other women through the streets of nearby Southboro, Northboro, Berlin... and maybe other nearby towns. We just did 20 miles easy, but it was the perfect thing to stretch out my tight legs last night!
I finished the night off with coming home to catch the ending to Big Brother... yes my guilty "reality" show pleasure... sad ,but I admit I get addicted!!!

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