Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Call me Grace

Seriously,I am such a clutz! I am currently icing both knees... I was in the kitchen and whacked my "good knee" against a cabinet knob, I think I am going to get A nasty bruise there tomorrow, let's hope it stops at that.
In other news, I was up and at em early this morning, well 7 am, I wanted to have bfast and hit up the gym for a run, good thing too, since my knee prob isn't feeling a run now! Anyways, didn't do speed work, I am still just trying to get the miles in again. Today i decided I'd run for an hour and see how far that would be- turns out I ran 8.23 miles, not bad!
I had to get this done early since I had a long meeting this morning and afternoon. I am a cochair for our districts mentor program and this year we're trying to be more tech savvy/ use more online components, so today we got ipads! And we got flip phones too to document things and share via the Internet. I started another blog on word press - juliecgrade3.wordless.com if you want to follow my classroom this year, and yes, I am now blogging from my iPad, its getting easier as I use it, although the keyboard is still a litle tough.
Well i gotta jet, time for yoga and bringing my bike in for a tune up!

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