Monday, July 5, 2010

Dad's Birthday and Fourth of July Recap

Happy July 5th... aka Happy Birthday Dad!

and Happy Fourth of July from yesterday!

So yesterday started early so I could get a workout at the gym in the morning... 9 miles on the elliptical, a good sweat! After coming back for a quick shower, I headed out to Boston, well actually Somerville, to meet up with my sis and cousin. We walked into Davis Square, then took the red line into the city... walked to government center and met up with more fam!

I was soooo hungry come lunch time (didn't realize it would take so long to get there) but had a good veggie burger from Clarke's. Then we did lots of walking around the city, so many people, with lots of stuff going on! The original plan was to watch the fireworks there last night, but after about 6 hours in the sun I could tell I was fading fast... so I opted to take the T back myself and head home for the evening... when did I become so old that I can't last/ don't want to last all day out there? I wasn't the only one who wasn't staying, but was the only one to take the red line. I actually really liked just being alone on the T and getting to walk a couple miles on my own around town. Kind of peaceful to be alone yet among a ton of people!

So I got to watch the fireworks from the comfort of my bed last night. Maybe next year I will go in later and then stay for the evening!

Here are some pics... didn't take many... first is of some cousins/ siblings by the harbor

and this was taken from the T... the Charles was getting busy for a fireworks display!

I guess I should probably wrap up the gift I bought for the birthday boy... then it will be time to go to the gym... starting to tutor a couple of kiddos this evening too! And it seems like it's going to be quite the hot one out!

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myhealthypassion said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love that I have found yours! I also thank you very much for the advice regarding over training! I am going to try really hard this time around to stick to the schedule! :) How is your knee now?