Saturday, July 3, 2010

a good start to the holiday weekend!

Happy Saturday!
Today started off great... 11 miles on the elliptical!!

Then I did a few errands and headed off to watch a fun stage of this weekend's bike race, called the Fitchburg Longsjo race. There's something about watching others race that brings out my competitive side... since my knee has still been sore I'm thinking maybe I should try a bike race? I already bike at least once a week and have a nice road bike... I just never really thought about racing, although I did a 50 mile ride in Boston last year. Does anyone know of any good "beginner" races?

Here's a not so hot photo from my iphone..

Being outside on a day like today just makes me love New England, I guess it kind of makes up for awfully snowy winters!

This evening there are fireworks in my town, although I don't know if I'll go or not, since they won't compare to what I'll be seeing tomorrow! Tomorrow I spending the day and evening in Boston to listen to music on the esplanade and see the fireworks show! I'm very grateful my sis lives in Somerville now so I have a place to crash for the evening and won't have to drive home super late.

Now I'm getting out of the sun for a bit and watching the Prefontaine Classic Track and Field on tv... so inspiring!

Have a happy fourth everyone!! :)

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