Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hot day... cool workout... ice time

Once again, it's a scorcher... the temp said 95 degrees this morning when I was driving home from the gym! It's supposed to be high 90s again today... good thing I am visiting my friend's pool at 3 this afternoon!!

So I started the day off by doing some grocery shopping, which I know I'm weird, but I love doing it, it's kind of relaxing for me to walk up and down the aisles! Also on a day like today I was all about taking my time in the ac! (We don't have ac at my house :( )

Then it was gym time! I actually joined a new gym today since my other membership is almost up and I can save over $200 and this new gym just opened up like .5 miles from my house, so I can save gas... or even run there and use no gas... but not on a hot day like today.

GOOD NEWS: I ran for real today for the first time since before memorial day! It wasn't anything too stellar... but I successfully ran about 4.25 miles in 32:00... I ranged from 7.6 to 8.4 mph on the elliptical, not super fast, but I was really being conservative. I had some soreness in my knee, but really think that part of it is my shoes... the nikes I am running in just doing seem to be cutting the mustard -- ps, I really don't get that saying!--who cuts mustard?!
Anyway, I think a trip to the local running running: is in order. They even do a gait analysis there for you! So I think I shall venture there tomorrow!

Back to running... it was good to run, but the first 2 miles were a little tough mentally... but I got through it! I did about 25 minutes of warmup on the elliptical before running, then biked for 10 minutes after running... so I still got a decent amount of cardio in! Then I did the usual abs and stretching. While stretching though one of the "fitness coaches" showed me this calf stretcher... love it! It's really simple, just a plastic thing, but it works wonders! Now I am back home and icing my knee! A shower is definitley in order for this sweaty girl, along with some lunch... then it will be pool time! :)
Stay cool!

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myhealthypassion said...

Yay for a successful run!!! WOO HOO! I reponsed to your knee question on my blog! Hope it helps!