Saturday, July 10, 2010

it pays to get up early on summer vacation!

Woke up to my alarm this morning at 5:30 am! Why? On a Saturday of my summer vacation?! Well, I was meeting up with a group of people for a ride and had to be there by 6:45, so in order to eat, get ready, and get there, I had to get up early!

I made it there on time, actually I was early... I forgot no one would be on the roads, so there would be no traffic! In total we rode 26.5 miles this morning in 1 hr and 43 min. Not too bad, although I know I could have gone faster! In fact, I was home around 9:30 and thought hmm... I should go to the gym and finish it off right. Last time I rode I neglected to stretch properly and woke up with wicked tight hammys the next day... live and learn. So after changing up out of my spandex padded shorts (very appealing), I went to the gym.

I decided I should get my heart rate going a bit, so I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, then did some lifting... legs today! It's nice to actually have the time to just have fun at the gym! Then I hit the mats for some strettttttchhhhinnnngg and some ab work. I feel very productive and after showering too I feel so refreshed!!

I think today I need to invest in a bike jersey... my running tops definitely don't cut down on the wind resistance, unless I wear a sleeve spandex top. Plus bike shirts have cool pockets in the back... hey, part of the sport is dressing for the part right?! Haha, I can justify purchasing something, plus I had a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods from my kiddos (they know me pretty well by the end of the school year)so I can use that.

As for the rest of the day... that is yet to be determined, although I'm thinking that church this afternoon may be a plan, so I don't have to go in the am. Is that bad that I sometimes go to church to "get it over with"? Although once I'm there I do enjoy it... kind of like working out sometimes!

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