Wednesday, July 28, 2010

poolside with pcs

Happy middle of the week! Today was a fabulous day. Why? Nothing too spectacular, but super restful and fun!
I started up my day at the gym... one hour and 20 minutes on the elliptical!! Now that's one sweat fest, but I loved it. After I decided I would mix things up a bit and do some more serious ab work. I tend to shy away from the machines at the gym, but realize I shouldn't be afraid of them... they're there to make me stronger! So today I hit up some ab machines... no six pack yet though, haha.
With my mom in Italy I also tried to be a little domestic this morning and catch up some household chores, didn't get all of it done, but will finish those tomorrow. I had to stop short to head to a coworker's house for a pool party!
It was so nice to spend the day poolside, she has a beautiful yard, house, and pool. Some of my coworkers have kids, they were there too and were like little fishies in the water all day! I have to admit though, it was so hot that I had to join them at one point to cool off, so refreshing! Not only did it bring my body temp down, but also it felt nice on my legs. I'm really not a big swimmer, but love cooling off in a pool and the cooler water is good for some tired runner/ ellipticaller legs.
It was also an afternoon of grazing... I actually took a pic of my contribution to the pool party- usually I love buying the roasted red pepper hummus at Trader Joe's, but they were out!

So I tried something new- tomato basil hummus... not the same as the red pepper, but I'd buy it and eat it again. Although sadly this doesn't last too long when it's sitting out in the hot summer sun... it says perishable on the cover for a reason! But it was good while it lasted! Oh and the cukes and tomatoes are fresh from my backyard, thanks to my mom's garden! I love freshly grown veggies, nothing better than picking them minutes before eating them, yum yum!!
Well it's a big brother night... so I gotta get ready.

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