Thursday, July 29, 2010

post run euphoric feeling

I am pretty sure that our world would be a happier place if everyone took time to exercise and get that "high" feeling of a post workout... especially a run. Sometimes a longer run, anywhere from about 8 to 15 miles gives me that feeling... not a care in the world, feel great, no worries, just happy and loving life. That's how I feel right now, which is a lot different than before I started my run.
This morning I was/ felt super grumpy! We're talking I got up at 7, then decided nope, I'm going back to bed... and finally managed to convince my body to roll out again around 8:45... good thing I'm on summer vacation!
I really wasn't motivated to do much, which happens when my allergies are bothering me, I get wicked sneezy, itchy eyes, and a tired feeling. I took some claritin, but it wasn't kicking in right away, so I decided to head to the grocery store... sometimes walking the aisles is like a nice little waker uper! Plus we have like close to no good food in the house, so I had a list of things to get. This really helped and afterwards I was ready to run!
I ran at the gym. I started off at a 7:40 pace for the first 20 minutes, then went to 7:30 and 7:19 for the next 20 and finished with my last mile around a 6:30 pace! In the end I ran 8 miles in 58:31. Then I jogged another mile to cool down... so nice 9 miles in the log book! Threw in some ab work and lots of stretching, now I'm icing my knee and relishing in the feeling of being done with today's run. Sometimes the best part of a run is the feeling you get when you're done!
Not much planned for the rest of the day, but some cleaning and random errands maybe in order... I also may toss in a nap, not usually my thing to rest during the day, but I still feel like I could sleep some more!

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