Monday, July 12, 2010

spain and schleck are victorious!

Yesterday was all about the "s" victories. While I orignally wanted the USA to go all the way in the world cup, Spain was my second choice, since I consider that to be my home away from home since I lived there for nearly half a year. I was happy to see them win and thought that the winning goal was awesome! Although it was kind of dumb of him to take his shirt off like he did and then get carded...

Another victory yesterday was another s... for Schleck, as in Andy Schleck of Team Saxo Bank. He's one of the youngest riders in the tour. His brother Frank was in it too, but is out now after a crash... he's one of my faves and was so happy to see him do so well yesterday in Stage 8. Today is a rest day for the men, so there's not a stage today, but they'll be back at it tomorrow, things aren't looking too good for Lance though!

To recap the weekend, I also went to church on Saturday with my mom, which was nice... as always I enjoy it once I get there! Yesterday morning I got my workout in... 10.4 miles on the elliptical in 75 minutes, I was really working hard! I then had intentions of going to buy a cycling jersey... but the store I went to only had one women's small, and I didn't like it. I did manage to find a few other things I justified that I needed... another pair of padded spandex cycling shorts, running/ working out headbands, a bright yellow sports bra, and some reef sandals (super soft and I think better for my feet than the cheap old navy ones I've been wearing!) I love the obnoxious color yellow of the sports bra and it showed today at the gym... tried to capture it...
That was taken after today's workout...11 miles on the elliptical in 1 hr 22 minutes... not as quick as yesterday.
Here are the sandals I bought and loveee:

And since I'm showing some purchases... I remembered to take a pick of my new bike rack I bought on Friday so now I can bring my bike when traveling for new adventures!

Well so far it's been a good Monday... I have to tutor a couple of kids tonight, so this afternoon will probably consist of planning what I am going to teach them and possibly taking a nap! (This heat makes me tired!!!) Happy Monday all!

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