Tuesday, July 13, 2010

terrific start to my tuesday!

Helloooo Tuesday! I had a great beginning to the day! After breakfast I went to the gym for a run! Yes that's right, I think my knee actually is healing and allowing me to finally log some running miles. I didn't want to go for speed today, my goal was to just increase the length of time running, which I did. I ran for 1 hour, which really isn't long, bit when my knee was bothering me before in May after running for five minutes, I'd say this is a big improvement! Here's the break down even though I wasn't going for time:
7.6 mph for the first 35 min
7.8 mph for min 36-45
8.0 mph for min 45-55
8.2 mph for last five minutes
grand total: 7.78 miles in 60 minutes

I was happy with how I felt after, my knee isn't bothering me as I write this although my hamstrings are tight. I have been biking and ellipticalling so much I think I've been using different muscles, gotta get my running legs back.
To continue the good morning I met up with a colleague and friend just to catch up. We both teach 3rd grade together and have grown into good friends, so it was nice to visit!!
Later today I am going back to the gym for yoga class. I think this will be good for my tight legs! Also I love doing yoga and want to make it more a part of my routine.
Time for some lunch! And the tomatoes and cucumbers are starting to get picked outside so I think that part of lunch will include some fresh veggies from the garden, yummmm!

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