Sunday, July 18, 2010

wonderful weekend so far!

The weekends aren't the same in the summer... during the school year I live for the weekend, I mean I love teaching, but the break is so much needed come Friday night. During the summer I tend to not realize the weekend as much since I am not overstressed with work. But this weekend has been great and relaxing too, almost feeling like a typical (hot) weekend.
Yesterday morning I went out for a 23 mile bike ride:) My uncle Bill, aunt Margs, and uncle John all went. It's fun to ride with family and I knew they'd be going at a slower clip, so I thought it would almost be like a good easier day for my legs. It was nice to get an early ride in. We headed out to some towns nearby which made me realize how awfully paved our town is! After riding we vegged out for a bit at Bill and Margs' house on their deck, I got a little sun:)
Then it was typical weekendish stuff since I went and got grocery shopping done. I also went to church with some fam and saw more fam there... it's nice to have a big family and we run into each other everywhere!
I was kind of tired last night, so it turned into a mellow evening. I actually started a new series of books since I finished the last one. I started reading "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin. It's another chic book, but it's so addicting! I am planning on reading more of it later, possibly out on the patio if it's not too hot!

This morning I kind of slept in a little later than usual... 8:30ish wake up, I think I was up reading too late last night, so I had breakfast and checked emails before deciding to run. By that time it was already hot hot hot out, so I hit up the gym... I am pumped to write that I ran for 75 minutes, a total of 10.2 miles, then I cooled down for .5 miles for a grand total today of 10.7 miles. By no means is this really a "long run"... but I'm calling it a longish run, it's a good sign that my knee is building back up and I am getting back in the game. I did some ab work and tonssss of stretching, now I am icing, just to be safe!
Well it's another Big Brother night! so addicted... but first I am hoping to have an enjoyable Sunday afternoon! :)

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